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Administrator: Terok, Icewolfz ArchWizards..: Kataro, Lox, Daihsan Elders.......: Dusk, Lotus Creators.....: Ideysus, Newt
700 years have passed since Ridorthu awakened the Power. Though the war was won and the Power defeated for a time, other Powers have found our quiet realm and even now mass upon our borders. Let us defeat these new enemies without awakening the most ancient one.
* Caine, Fallstaff, Mop, Sabbthiel, Void *


ShadowMUD is a text-based MUD with a Medieval Fantasy theme. It is based ultimately off Nightmare 3's code. ShadowMUD's went down at some point in 2005 and after it became clear the MUD was not going to be restored a new staff attempted to rebuild from scratch.


    A bug in the aggressive system was fixed, this caused monsters to be meaner and auto attack/harder to ride/lasso if a monster was easier before or is too hard bug them or report them for adjustments/fixes to reflect the bug fix - Icewolfz

    Will try to run a holiday invasion on the weekend of 23/24 - Icewolfz

    If enough players on the weekend of the 28/29th reruns of classic Halloween invasions will be ran - Icewolfz

    Bank lockers have been updated, any issues report them - Icewolfz

    Will try and run an invasion on the 29/30 for halloween around 6/7pm est - Icewolfz


To connect to ShadowMUD you need to use the web client, a mobile friendly web client, the jiMUD desktop client, or a telnet client and connect to on port 1030, we also offer a websocket port on 1034 for clients that support websockets. Those that have issues or do not support websockets you can use an older flash version. The default windows/linux client gets old quick and you might find life more comfortable with a proper MUD client such as Icewolfz's client or one of the clients listed at mudconnect or MUD client page on Wikipedia.


If you have issues or questions you can email the immortals using the email provided at the login screen, mud mail, chat line or the contact form.

06:30, Lockday, Kepki 17, 209 AD.

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