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Re: prayer alignments

by Isis

Message 25 on The Cleric's Board

I think it should be the alignment of the god you choose to follow and their alignment. The other gods may grant a boon to following them (ie, you have higher skill) but the other gods are no longer granting your prayers. Right now, since I follow Baeron, he is the one who grants ALL my prayers, and he requires me to be the alignment of nice. Although I can pray for life spells and death spells, it is still Baeron who is granting them. If this implement were to go in, we might want to consider going back to the wheel method where you pick your god and follow along the tracks of the wheel, which, by the way, weren't always next to gods who were closely aligned. ~Isy

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02:16, Darkday, Praxi 9, 183 AD.

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