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Nature Prayer Ideas

by Caidox

Message 22 on The Cleric's Board

I spent some time the other day messing around with command ideas, both for high and low levels. Here are some nature ones. Vinechoke - a vine erupts from the ground and chokes the target over multiple rounds. If possible damage ramps up. Bloom - Sprout folliage in the room your are in, as long as the cleric is in the room with the foliage their Nature skill is increased temporarily. Would work for any cleric in the room. Fog - A room wide semi blind. Not as powerful as an actual blind, but it would lower hit percentage of all non casters(I would say melee but then certain people would take that too literally) in the room. Nourish - Creates some food and water. Feast - Higher level Nourish, would create a large amount of food and water. Sandstorm - High level AOE damage with a chance to knockdown foes. Should actually last a few rounds after cast instead of an all in one attack. But either way really works. Not sure if we are setup for sustainable AOE damage(though that opens up the door for ideas I have with other classes/subs) And Healingrain - Because I do not think just life should get healing spells. With the armor nerf and with every sub here still being clerics I feel some odd heal/regen prayers could be passed around to help mitigate some damage. This would be a room heal, again preferable e a multi round heal(takes 3 to cast, lasts in room healing friendlies for 3-5 rounds) And I had a summon ability idea. Some of us were batting it around. Ideas were a dryad(if we let pets also cast small heals on you), ent, or animals. Caidox

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