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    Dirt did not properly check if all targets could be dirted in mass dirt checks - Icewolfz
    Tweak scalp damage calculations for the time to not be as crappy, future scalp needs more logical work - Icewolfz
    Changed how pivot fails, failing first hit no longer causes the pivot to fail, so your 2nd hit has a change of landing now - Icewolfz

    Fixed issue with magic shop not always charging correctly - Icewolfz
    Fixed an issue if you go link dead it would stack timeout call instead of resetting it - Icewolfz

    Tweaked turn/banish when used on undead creatures that allowed no instant death - Icewolfz

    Fixed pivot not correctly colorizing weapon names in messages - Icewolfz
    Fixed reboot quitting of lose of skills/xp if in middle of combat - Icewolfz

    Fixed issue when ships first boarded and loaded at a dock - Icewolfz

    Tweak crafting commands to train skills a little faster - Icewolfz
    Added speed info to rogue and fighter compare - Icewolfz

    Fixed an error message with tension - Icewolfz
    Updated help subclassing to mention bonuses for abilities when subclassing - Icewolfz
    Double now allows minion to be ordered to attacked if unsubbed and high enough magic skill - Icewolfz
    Fixed autologin rewear to use -a flag when attempting to wear armor - Icewolfz

    Change how monk stun handles dazed checks - Icewolfz

    Fixed issue with elementalshield not being able to be recast - Icewolfz

    Updated core a/an system to correctly use a for the word useful - Icewolfz

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11:45, Vaigday, Altki 15, 177 AD.

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