Monument ShadowMUD


    Fixed ansi fall back for 256 colors cuasing black text for some greens - Icewolfz
    Fixed GMCP, oMUD and MSDP weapon info not being correctly sent on a relog - Icewolfz

    Fixed bug in vinetangle when used with holyarmor - Icewolfz
    Logbooks correctly format columns - Icewolfz

    Updated dirt ot support avariable adjustement system for possible future ideas - Icewolfz
    Updated lines command to have cleaner help and list see also - Icewolfz
    Cleaned up help channels - Icewolfz

    Added wieldable torches - Icewolfz
    Troches now support a minor fire strike - Icewolfz
    Updated scry and seek to work better when targeting self - Icewolfz
    Fixed issues with suicide not clearing all data - Icewolfz
    Updated bless all/enchant all to display list only for caster and on to lessen spam - Icewolfz

    Fixed bugs in ambush that did not clear when target is lost - Icewolfz

    Fixed a bug with get and coins - Icewolfz

    Fixed bug with recall steed when steed contains items - Icewolfz
    Added inventory -s to list all items in a sheath - Icewolfz

    Elementalstrike, poisonstrike, and holywepaon will no logner strike weapons with a natural strike again - Icewolfz

    Mgive now factors in the mass of an object wheb sending, so larger objects are harder to send - Icewolfz

    Fixed a bug wiht experience command not accepting arguments - Icewolfz
    Changed how teleport calculates max markers - Icewolfz

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06:16, Lockday, Praxi 17, 165 AD.

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