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[03-24 19:05][Chat]Stryder: BOTH parties SUCK
[03-24 19:06][Chat]Stryder: Both are ILLEGAL.
[03-24 19:06][Chat]Zanatos: I didn't vote for her...I voted for Bernie
[03-24 19:07][Chat]Stryder: '... Congress shall make no abridgement between the elected and their constituents...' YET... I, as an Independent am stuck, LOCKED OUT, of primaries.
[03-24 19:07][Chat]Stryder: PARTIES are the problem. Go read George Washington's Farewell Address.
[03-24 19:07][Chat]Stryder: He predicted partisan politics as the biggest threat to America... in 19 1796!
[03-24 19:08][Chat]Stryder: AFK for wash... laundramat... washer is broken
[03-24 19:08][Chat]Zanatos: I read it
[03-24 19:08][Chat]Stryder: And...
[03-24 19:08][Chat]Stryder: registered Dem or Rep? Or IND?
[03-24 19:08][Chat]Zanatos: I will be honest I don't knowwhat to think or make of it
[03-24 19:09][Chat]Zanatos: if it were to all be one party how would you get anything done ?
[03-24 19:09][Chat]Stryder: If YOU... reading this... are a registered member of either political party, YOU are UNAMERICAN. No one can serve two masters... the good of the people or the party. That is a violation of the Constitution, and by being a member of ANY part, you are WRONG. PERIOD!
[03-24 19:11][Chat]Zanatos: then how the heck am I suppose to chose who I want for President ?
[03-24 19:11][Chat]Zanatos: if what I chose goes against the Heart of the AMerican way.
[03-24 19:17][Chat]Zanatos: I swear he gets away with so Much and no is doing anything at all about it...oh sure they say they are...oh Please
[03-24 19:39][Chat]Stryder: Z... if you are part of EITHER party, you are in violation of the Constitution. We... the... people... need to get rid of the partisan BS and elect PEOPLE to the offices of government. NOT 'career' politicians or the super rich. It is SUPPOSED to be the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker... etc... in Congress.
[03-24 23:22][Chat]Zanatos: wow heh well what I surprise :)
[03-24 23:23][Chat]Zanatos: a
[03-24 23:23][Chat]Tebryn waves.
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00:52, Darkday, Kepki 9, 174 AD.

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