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[10-17 14:55][Chat]Zanatos: whats goin on today
[10-17 14:55][Chat]Recluse: just trying to get my last dozen kills or so
[10-18 09:33][Chat]Recluse: Congrats Driznit!
[10-18 09:33][Chat]Driznit: thanks :)
[10-18 12:12][Chat]Kill: Hi Ice
[10-18 12:12][Chat]Icewolfz: hey
[10-18 12:13][Chat]Kill looks for horses...
[10-18 18:54][Chat]Kill: Hey Para, wb!
[10-18 18:54][Chat]Paraxis: sup, getting a diff toon 1 sec
[10-18 18:55][Chat]Zair: thats better
[10-18 18:55][Chat]Kill: hehe
[10-18 18:56][Chat]Zair: what u up too?
[10-18 18:56][Chat]Kill: killing Balavoar
[10-18 19:11][Chat]Icewolfz: hmm daylight savings is coming up in 2 weeks
[10-19 16:07][Chat]Zanatos: yo D Drizzel
[10-19 16:07][Chat]Driznit: hey Zanatos
[10-19 16:23][Chat]Am: of course I just missed Kill..
[10-19 16:24][Chat]Driznit: haha i was talking to him yesterday :)
[10-19 23:37][Chat]Recluse: my soul left town a long time ago
[10-19 23:37][Chat]Zaal adds hot sauce
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00:46, Lockday, Sartki 17, 184 AD.

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