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[01-26 20:59][Chat]Ideysus: I think there will always be gaps
[01-26 20:59][Chat]Icewolfz: well already does
[01-26 20:59][Chat]Icewolfz: but its now starting ot hit white collar
[01-26 20:59][Chat]Ideysus: I'm gonna have to go soon
[01-26 21:00][Chat]Icewolfz: i am betting they will have some type of ai tax in the next 10 years to help offset cost
[01-26 21:00][Chat]Icewolfz: well good luck, good seeing you
[01-26 21:00][Chat]Icewolfz: feel free to pop in
[01-26 21:00][Chat]Ideysus: WIll do
[01-26 21:00][Chat]Ideysus: Any Icewolfz life news?
[01-26 21:00][Chat]Icewolfz: not much
[01-26 21:00][Chat]Icewolfz: pretty much the same
[01-26 21:01][Chat]Ideysus: Okay, well see you
[01-26 21:01][Chat]Icewolfz: you too
[01-26 21:01][Chat]Ideysus: DNS renewed
[01-27 19:30][Chat]Icewolfz: if oyu do window > chat
[01-27 19:30][Chat]Icewolfz: misline
[01-27 19:31][Chat]Icewolfz: that is what chat buffer effects
[01-27 19:31][Chat]Icewolfz: i keep miss lining to night
[01-27 19:31][Chat]Nitupsar: ok I never do that, so I just reduced mine
[01-27 19:39][Chat]Icewolfz: hjmm that was anoing
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06:48, Darkday, Roki 19, 180 AD.

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