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[04-04 18:37][Chat]Andro: they don't seem too concerned about me
[04-04 18:37][Chat]Andro: and aren't terrible to kill
[04-04 18:37][Chat]Icewolfz: the deeper you go the more they hate you
[04-04 18:37][Chat]Andro: Now that I remember
[04-04 18:37][Chat]Icewolfz: its worse in larger groups
[04-04 18:52][Chat]Andro: oh well
[04-04 18:53][Chat]Brutus: ?
[04-04 18:53][Chat]A random larper: its a minoootaurrrr!
[04-04 18:53][Chat]Andro: well that wasn't so bad
[04-04 18:54][Chat]Andro used to know a lot about the various mountain towers
[04-04 18:54][Chat]Andro is old and foregetful though
[04-04 18:55][Chat]Nitupsar: hey, it happens.
[04-04 18:55][Chat]Nitupsar: I'd be hard pressed to find the minotaur ..I know theres a blind exit somewhere
[04-04 18:55][Chat]Andro: the boulder!
[04-04 18:56][Chat]Andro can't find any of these towers or caves again
[04-04 19:03][Chat]Andro: oh wow. I totally forgot edelmoed existed
[04-04 19:03][Chat]Nitupsar: lol
[04-04 19:03][Chat]Icewolfz: also elftown, dwarftown
[04-04 19:03][Chat]Andro remembers those
[04-04 19:03][Chat]Nitupsar: syfvaren also exists
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07:23, Vaigday, Ketralki 5, 181 AD.

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