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[05-18 20:26][Chat]Brutus: Anyone want to attempt a quest that I haven't done ?
[05-18 20:52][Chat]Zanatos: Dinner
[05-18 20:52][Chat]Brutus: working on it
[05-18 20:52][Chat]Brutus: dragonmeat
[05-18 21:00][Chat]Brutus: free meat in []
[05-18 21:10][Chat]Zanatos: I'M Explosive MY Fireworks GO boom....Boom.BOOM!!!
[05-18 21:10][Chat]Zanatos: I'M Explosive MY Fireworks GO boom....Boom....BOOM!!!
[05-18 22:48][Chat]Brutus: that was quick
[05-19 00:30][Chat]Icewolfz: hmm 400 family dollars closing
[05-19 00:30][Chat]Carbon: crap
[05-19 00:30][Chat]Icewolfz: one near me is closing
[05-19 00:30][Chat]Carbon: :(
[05-19 00:31][Chat]Icewolfz: many of the stuff is being moved to local dollar trees
[05-19 00:31][Chat]Icewolfz: cost dollar tree like 2.8 billion
[05-19 00:32][Chat]Icewolfz: granted just read an article about how retail stores are also screwing local taxes
[05-19 00:32][Chat]Icewolfz: move in for tax breaks and then fighting saying their store are wordh half the cost
[05-19 00:32][Chat]Icewolfz: costing local cities billions in taxes
[05-19 00:33][Chat]Icewolfz: tons of law suits pending the outcome of the currnet one
[05-19 00:39][Chat]Icewolfz: hmm new rick and morty coming this summer or flal
[05-19 00:39][Chat]Icewolfz: nov 2019
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08:16, Vaigday, Kepki 10, 175 AD.

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