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[11-19 11:39][Chat]Void: so just a place to idle and increase a skill?
[11-19 11:40][Chat]Morhe have do work at something to gain the increase xp + coinage
[11-19 11:41][Chat]Morhe idling isn't pkaying and fully monitoring your character.
[11-19 11:43][Chat]Morhe bows to master. master trains me through strikes: perform strike? activate strike.
[11-19 11:46][Chat]Morhe shrugs I love this game. it takea me longer and longer to feel like
[11-19 11:49][Chat]Morhe like I'm playing instead of relearn to play
[11-19 11:50][Chat]Morhe er.. relearning to play instead playing.. frustrating as heck due to playing on a freaking phone..
[11-19 11:51][Chat]Morhe the crew outside with a jackhammer isn't bothering me as much as using my phone to play.. thsts pretty bad.
[11-19 11:54][Chat]Morhe ms
[11-19 11:54][Chat]Morhe ops
[11-19 11:59][Chat]Morhe hell we got Amazon to check us out.
[11-19 12:00][Chat]Morhe fill the mud was I was ordered to do.
[11-19 12:00][Chat]Morhe er was what i was ordered to do.
[11-19 12:15][Chat]Morhe dangit!!! that was a Yaksmen!! dang dang.. Asp ia going to kick my privates... sigh
[11-19 12:26][Chat]Morhe hiya Icewolfz
[11-19 12:36][Chat]Morhe oh.. oh dang. I guess the fighters already have thier trainers out and sbout the map while monks Masters sit arround drinking tes. eating cracker, Zagnutz
[11-19 12:37][Chat]Morhe smirks
[11-19 12:44][Chat]Morhe land of the dead... Just a bit too hard
[11-19 12:53][Chat]Morhe heck even player ran training sckool
[11-19 12:57][Chat]Morhe heck use xp/$ while training
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01:58, Vaigday, Altki 15, 172 AD.

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