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[02-21 20:50][RP]A goblin raiding party raids the Kieron bank and steals everything from the lockers!
[02-21 20:51][RP]Left them headless and took the loot.
[04-20 20:44][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] I rule you all
[04-20 20:44][RP]Gir is the [puppet] Calm down.. geeez
[04-20 20:47][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] I am the Master!!
[04-20 20:47][RP]Master of puppets plays!
[04-20 20:48][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] why having you logged on Gir?? Why have I been in limbo!?!
[04-20 20:48][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] er....
[04-20 20:49][RP]Gir is the [puppet] err
[04-20 20:54][RP]Gir is the [puppet] dangit need to head out
[04-20 20:54][RP]Gir is the [puppet] dangit need to head out
[04-29 23:17][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] Time for Punishment Gir!!!
[04-29 23:18][RP]Gir is the [puppet] Why??
[04-29 23:19][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] You Have not Play this game in like Forever you Fool!!
[04-29 23:19][RP]Gir is the [puppet] having you as my master hasn't been alll that Ya know buddy!!
[04-29 23:21][RP]Gir is the [puppet] throws Huck at the Stuffed pig, & runs for the hills
[04-29 23:22][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] How Dare you Run!! You'll only be in more Pain whike Exhausted yoy Fool Half Ogre!!
[09-05 12:31][RP]Ulga eyes Braum.
[09-05 12:31][RP]Ulga: death by snu snu!
[09-10 19:21][RP]Ulga: death by snu snu!
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12:50, Vaigday, Altki 20, 204 AD.

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