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[01-29 01:52][RP]Zombie King: seek me under where the nightmare roams!
[01-29 01:53][RP]Zombie king: seek my chest to unlock the way to me!
[01-29 01:54][RP]Zombie king: it lies in teh graveyard!
[02-07 00:16][RP]Xanros counts the gold.
[02-07 00:19][RP]Xanros pokes the cleric!
[02-07 00:19][RP]Xanros wins.
[02-07 00:27][RP]Xanros sings: you fought the dwarf and the dwarf won!
[02-07 00:37][RP]Xanros lives!
[02-07 00:37][RP]Xanros twerks.
[02-07 00:38][RP]Xanros is the mater!
[02-07 00:38][RP]Xanros is the master!
[02-07 00:38][RP]Xanros counts his new gold.
[02-07 00:39][RP]Xanros sings: you fought the dwarf and the dwarf won!
[02-07 00:40][RP]Xanros: neener nener
[02-07 00:59][RP]Xanros: is forever the best!
[02-07 01:00][RP]Xanros can not be found!
[02-07 01:03][RP]Xanros does a little dance
[02-07 01:04][RP]Xanros does a scrooge mc'duck and swims around his new gold.
[02-07 01:06][RP]Xanros tap dances as gold rains!
[11-25 22:09][RP]Shidifu: is haunted by the evil in his left eye!
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01:02, Vaigday, Sartki 20, 198 AD.

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