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[04-14 19:03][Rogue]Icewolfz: -}-> can be both <-{-
[04-14 19:05][Rogue]Grym the cunning assassin
[04-14 19:06][Rogue]Grym the cunning assassin and thief
[04-14 19:06][Rogue]Someone assassinates you!
[04-14 19:06][Rogue]Grym: well at least this time you didnt pick my pocket
[04-14 19:07][Rogue]A random child robs you blind while your assassinated.
[04-14 19:09][Rogue]Grym's corpse rolls around on the floor laughing his head off...literally...someone grab that head rolling away
[04-14 19:09][Rogue]Headless horseman takes the head.
[04-14 19:10][Rogue]Grym waves his hands around while his head says 'over here!'
[04-14 19:22][Rogue]Headless horseman does not like the new head so drops it in ocean
[05-02 01:35][Rogue]NEWS: Grym is now level 16.
[05-02 01:35][Rogue]NEWS: Grym is now level 17.
[05-02 01:35][Rogue]NEWS: Grym is now level 18.
[05-02 01:36][Rogue]NEWS: Grym is now level 19.
[05-19 09:51][Rogue]NEWS: Grym is now an Assassin!
[05-19 10:12][Rogue]NEWS: Grym is now journeymanned in Acrobat!
[05-19 10:17][Rogue]NEWS: Grym is now journeymanned in Thug!
[06-14 12:07][Rogue]A random rogue rogues Rogre.
[06-14 12:08][Rogue]Rogre is randomly rogued by a random rogue!
[06-14 13:50][Rogue]NEWS: Rogre is now level 100.
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15:09, Darkday, Altki 14, 189 AD.

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