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[08-28 12:48][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 29.
[08-29 16:29][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 30.
[08-30 22:02][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 62.
[08-30 22:29][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 63.
[09-02 16:04][Rogue]Suturb: sorry -the chances of anyone needing the monsters in the mines right when I decided to do my one time kills is tiny small...oops
[09-02 22:39][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 31.
[09-07 13:04][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 64.
[09-07 13:04][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 65.
[09-07 14:40][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 66.
[09-07 15:30][Rogue]Suturb: nice to see someone :)
[09-07 15:31][Rogue]Suturb: you could leave the anvils tho. they are worthless
[09-07 15:32][Rogue]Eradrial: Oh? Did I run past you down there?
[09-07 15:32][Rogue]Suturb: yup :)
[09-07 15:32][Rogue]Suturb: been leaving money all over the place :)
[09-07 15:33][Rogue]Eradrial: Don't think I've touched the anvils, but I have been selling the flails
[09-07 15:33][Rogue]Suturb: its ok, xanros is not an issue for me
[09-07 15:34][Rogue]Suturb: depending upon when you entered, it may have been pretty empty
[09-07 15:34][Rogue]Suturb: I did the room to room explore think for the percent
[09-07 15:35][Rogue]Suturb: found a couple of kills I missed previously also
[09-07 15:36][Rogue]Suturb: early in creating a player I tend to just go to what advances me fastest and ignore the rest... so % xp and unique kills tends to suffer
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16:52, Lockday, Altki 12, 178 AD.

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