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[09-07 15:36][Rogue]Suturb: you can read that as 'westlands' 'plains' 'tundra' :)
[09-07 15:38][Rogue]Suturb: also I've sort of set up the mines so that by tomorrow, you'll probably be running into monsters with 20-50k copper
[09-07 15:40][Rogue]Suturb: you just use the monsters aggressiveness against each other and make it so the underbeasts outnumber the dwarves enough to win a lot... the ai does the rest
[09-07 15:41][Rogue]Eradrial: Yeah I've noticed that the ogre room and the room that always has two underbeasts tend to have loot pile up
[09-07 15:41][Rogue]Suturb: that's the ticket :)
[09-07 20:36][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 67.
[09-07 23:25][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 32.
[09-08 18:07][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 33.
[09-11 21:14][Rogue]Suturb: evening
[09-11 21:15][Rogue]Eradrial: evening
[09-11 21:16][Rogue]Suturb: Your timing is good
[09-11 21:16][Rogue]Suturb: I was using my cleric for the new command to see how good it is.
[09-11 21:16][Rogue]Eradrial: I don't think it is, I'm just on for a moment to check shops
[09-11 21:16][Rogue]Suturb: so Recluse is now ready for you again :)
[09-11 21:17][Rogue]Suturb: I fixed all typos up until July 1 earlier.
[09-11 21:17][Rogue]Eradrial: oh, lol, he's working on typos again?
[09-11 21:17][Rogue]Suturb: you put in a ton -- a lot of which are not just room ones, but rather item ones
[09-11 21:17][Rogue]Eradrial: yep, that I did
[09-11 21:17][Rogue]Suturb: so we have to track those down and kill them
[09-11 21:18][Rogue]Suturb: it will be a while but the good news is that we fixed over 12 months worth in 2 days.
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18:13, Lockday, Altki 12, 178 AD.

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