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[10-13 10:27][Rogue]Pip: Ah
[10-13 10:28][Rogue]Brutus: anything that uses level in the calc gets that fractional random boost.
[10-13 10:28][Rogue]Pip: Well this is the level both Str and Dex are capped at 60
[10-13 10:28][Rogue]Brutus: lol
[10-13 10:29][Rogue]Brutus: even I don't have 60 str.
[10-13 10:29][Rogue]Pip: Ah
[10-13 10:29][Rogue]Brutus: I do have 95 dex tho
[10-13 10:29][Rogue]Pip: After those two are maxed I'll work on Con
[10-13 10:29][Rogue]Pip: Gonna be a tanky thug... str is secondary stat
[10-13 10:29][Rogue]Brutus: ths being my first char back, I didn't do a lot of things right.
[10-13 10:30][Rogue]Brutus: only hurts me with really big things.
[10-13 10:30][Rogue]Brutus: like dragons.
[10-13 10:31][Rogue]Brutus: i have too much int, could use more con...I have no idea why I have 39 charisma
[10-13 10:32][Rogue]Brutus: I guess I followed help traits more than I should have
[10-13 10:33][Rogue]Brutus: intelligence shows up a lot in rogue help traits, not sure why
[10-13 10:33][Rogue]Brutus: having some does help against spells tho.
[10-13 13:25][Rogue]Pip: I hate to be so simple, but I'm only working on Str, Dex and Con on this char.
[10-13 13:26][Rogue]Pip feels like it'll be fine.
[10-13 13:26][Rogue]Stryder: It happens... LOL
[10-13 13:26][Rogue]Pip: Bard must need some Int right? Lots?
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00:31, Flameday, Kortki 13, 171 AD.

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