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[06-12 09:27][Fighter]NEWS: Gor is now level 19.
[06-14 00:00][Fighter]NEWS: Gor is now a follower of Muriel!
[06-14 00:08][Fighter]He-man lifts a sword and yells: by the power of gray skull, i have the power!
[06-14 00:41][Fighter]NEWS: Gor is now a Warrior!
[06-15 18:54][Fighter]Zanatos: hello there ..
[06-15 19:19][Fighter]Zanatos: you don't talk to fellow Clan Members ?
[06-15 19:19][Fighter]Gor: hi...soryy was eating
[06-15 19:20][Fighter]Zanatos: hi.
[06-15 19:21][Fighter]Gor: hard to get me away from food ;)
[06-15 19:22][Fighter]Zanatos: what kinda food ?
[06-15 19:22][Fighter]Zanatos: I know the Edible kind lol
[06-15 19:22][Fighter]Gor: kinda a hodge podge
[06-15 19:23][Fighter]Gor: soup and noodles
[06-15 19:23][Fighter]Zanatos: Ramen ? LOL
[06-15 19:23][Fighter]Gor: chicken and vegies
[06-15 19:23][Fighter]Gor: howd yu know
[06-15 19:24][Fighter]Gor loves ramen
[06-15 19:24][Fighter]Zanatos: classic
[06-15 22:48][Fighter]NEWS: Gor is now level 20.
[06-15 23:35][Fighter]NEWS: Gor is now level 21.
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10:10, Darkday, Altki 14, 189 AD.

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