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[12-14 19:01][Fighter]Icewolfz: thats the only place missing her name
[12-14 19:02][Fighter]Icewolfz: here it is not listed in the look statues
[12-14 19:02][Fighter]Amazon: nope I'm ripped off now. Not really I was jheru but I wanted axe hero and jheru isn't it anymore
[12-14 19:02][Fighter]Warfarin: look > The Statues of Heroes. In front of you are FIVE statues, each of an ancient warrior. These warriors represent the FIVE disciplines of armed combat.
[12-14 19:02][Fighter]Warfarin: it's 6 now
[12-14 19:02][Fighter]Warfarin: should say 6
[12-14 19:05][Fighter]Warfarin: and now, to make a melee fighter :)
[12-14 19:05][Fighter]Warfarin: awww, no stats
[12-14 21:55][Fighter]Amazon: warf get healed, u limpin dude
[12-15 00:25][Fighter]NEWS: Fannar is now level 30.
[12-15 00:25][Fighter]NEWS: Fannar is now level 31.
[12-15 13:09][Fighter]Toot <Warrior Faerie> Toots
[12-15 13:09][Fighter]Amazon: woohoo!
[12-15 21:28][Fighter]Rox: oh wow way better cost fer stats
[12-15 21:48][Fighter]NEWS: Wratha has joined the fighters.
[12-15 21:49][Fighter]Wratha [Mad] RGB222test
[12-15 21:49][Fighter]Wratha [Mad] test
[12-15 21:51][Fighter]Wratha [Mad] This won't work.
[12-16 07:05][Fighter]NEWS: Amazon is now level 43.
[12-16 10:38][Fighter]NEWS: Amazon is now level 44.
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03:36, Lockday, Kantki 12, 172 AD.

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