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[08-04 22:53][Fighter]Icewolfz: there are ways to get it at lower levels with the right magic items
[08-04 22:53][Fighter]Icewolfz: i trie dot add all kindsof little quirks or tricks in palces to give a lot of flexibity and unquiness
[08-04 22:53][Fighter]Urtren: theres always a way :)
[08-04 22:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: kill wield 2 giant trees at one point
[08-04 22:55][Fighter]Urtren: LOL
[08-04 22:56][Fighter]Urtren: I'm gonna head to bed.. I'll see you guys tomorrow :)
[08-05 11:25][Fighter]NEWS: Urtren is now level 10.
[08-05 11:26][Fighter]Keogh: Woohoo!
[08-05 11:27][Fighter]Urtren: Now I'm working on stta
[08-05 11:27][Fighter]Urtren: stats
[08-05 11:27][Fighter]Keogh: good job :)
[08-05 11:28][Fighter]Urtren: just gotta find where the other stat training places are
[08-05 11:30][Fighter]Keogh: Mom is con
[08-05 11:31][Fighter]Urtren: found her
[08-05 11:31][Fighter]Keogh: yay!
[08-05 12:15][Fighter]NEWS: Urtren is now level 10.
[08-05 12:15][Fighter]NEWS: Urtren is now level 11.
[08-05 15:15][Fighter]NEWS: Urtren is now level 12.
[08-05 19:29][Fighter]NEWS: Urtren is now level 13.
[08-06 22:52][Fighter]NEWS: Urtren is now level 14.
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11:34, Vaigday, Kepki 10, 183 AD.

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