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[12-18 19:37][Fighter]Are: Zanatos doesn't bite as long as you don't offer food. Put food in front of him and its game on.
[12-18 19:38][Fighter]Zanatos: ROTFL!
[12-18 20:08][Fighter]NEWS: Thelfusa is now level 2.
[12-18 20:10][Fighter]Zanatos: woo hoo your on your way :)
[12-18 20:10][Fighter]Thelfusa: Yay!
[12-18 20:10][Fighter]Zanatos: Congrats :)
[12-19 18:29][Fighter]Zanatos winks with a sparkle.
[12-20 20:13][Fighter]Zanatos: KILL EM ALL!!!
[12-20 20:14][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> YES, ALL!
[12-21 16:22][Fighter]NEWS: Sturm is now level 16.
[12-23 23:45][Fighter]NEWS: Rafferty is now level 72.
[12-25 23:14][Fighter]NEWS: Rafferty is now level 72.
[12-28 07:05][Fighter]NEWS: Sturm is now level 17.
[01-06 22:49][Fighter]Zanatos: oh I see we have a new Member
[01-06 22:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: more like returning
[01-06 22:49][Fighter]Zanatos: Welcome to the Fighters Guild.
[01-06 22:50][Fighter]Zanatos: alright
[01-06 22:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: idle
[01-06 22:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: think reading news
[01-07 00:54][Fighter]Covfefe (Cheetos) Hey Z
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11:27, Vaigday, Kepki 10, 186 AD.

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