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[03-13 17:11][Fighter]Zanatos: Good Evening
[03-13 20:35][Fighter]Judge: laters
[03-26 16:46][Fighter]Zanatos: Greetings judge Dread!
[04-01 11:54][Fighter]NEWS: Shrimp has joined the fighters.
[04-01 13:59][Fighter]NEWS: Shrimp is now level 2.
[04-01 13:59][Fighter]NEWS: Shrimp is now level 3.
[04-01 14:00][Fighter]NEWS: Shrimp is now level 4.
[04-01 14:00][Fighter]NEWS: Shrimp is now level 5.
[04-01 15:10][Fighter]Zanatos: Welcome to the Fighters Guild!... humm mabey I have some Cocktail Sauce around here somewhere!
[04-01 15:11][Fighter]Shrimp: lol
[04-01 15:26][Fighter]Zanatos: so are you new here ?
[04-01 15:27][Fighter]Shrimp: was here along time ago
[04-01 15:59][Fighter]Zanatos: before the Crash ?
[04-01 16:00][Fighter]Shrimp: maybe 23 years ago
[04-01 16:02][Fighter]Zanatos: then you Might remember me I was here from Summer of 93 untill the crash...then I moved and lost the adress
[04-01 16:07][Fighter]Shrimp: not really, oops. partied with lilith, fire(when she was a newbie) and tanqueray
[04-01 16:11][Fighter]Zanatos: do you Remember Wolfman?
[04-01 16:13][Fighter]Shrimp: yep, do you remember roller?
[04-01 16:47][Fighter]Zanatos: I believe I do I haven't heard that name in ages.
[04-01 16:50][Fighter]Shrimp: where does the time go?
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16:10, Darkday, Praxi 4, 188 AD.

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