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[10-18 23:52][Fighter]Icewolfz: only figthers get weapon classing
[10-18 23:52][Fighter]Aim: fix it then :_
[10-18 23:52][Fighter]Icewolfz: they are the only class that can pick a hero to gety some boost in weapon classes
[10-18 23:52][Fighter]Aim: monks ought get weapon classing also
[10-18 23:52][Fighter]Icewolfz: monks tradiotonally didnt even have weapons
[10-18 23:52][Fighter]Aim: or armor
[10-18 23:52][Fighter]Icewolfz: its onyl since i took over that i have redesigned monks to be more outthere
[10-18 23:52][Fighter]Icewolfz: monks use to onyl allow melee
[10-18 23:53][Fighter]Icewolfz: i added support for other weapons over time
[10-18 23:53][Fighter]Aim: but they did get like 20 melee a round by the time they hit level 50
[10-18 23:53][Fighter]Aim: so that wasn't fair either
[10-18 23:53][Fighter]Icewolfz: monks have the highest melee skill in gave outsie of a spizleid fighter
[10-18 23:53][Fighter]Icewolfz: they get a 4.5 a level
[10-18 23:54][Fighter]Aim: just change it so if a monk specialises in a weapon skill, they can get 500 without cutting others down to 250 or 100
[10-18 23:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: and monks have customcode in melee to give the more attacks
[10-18 23:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: so monks do get a few extra ttacks naturally
[10-18 23:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: monks with a weapon skill doenst make to much sense which is why thye never got it
[10-18 23:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: and not an easy just add featuer
[10-18 23:55][Fighter]Aim: so like with the extra xp spend, they can get extra attacks on top fo their norm
[10-18 23:55][Fighter]Icewolfz: the fighter one is a lot of custom coding
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01:32, Lockday, Kantki 2, 171 AD.

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