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[08-09 21:57][Fighter]Keogh: There can be only one.
[08-09 21:57][Fighter]Keogh: You can't tell me they don't ruin their pants when that happens.
[08-09 21:59][Fighter]Duncan MacLeod takes a sniff: damn i liked these pants!
[08-09 22:00][Fighter]Icewolfz: hmm kill is current highlander
[08-10 22:04][Fighter]NEWS: Keogh is now a Warrior!
[08-10 22:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: Keogh the barribian!
[08-13 10:27][Fighter]NEWS: Urtren is now level 19.
[08-17 16:34][Fighter]Zanatos sighs.
[08-17 22:41][Fighter]Zanatos: winces
[08-17 22:42][Fighter]Urtren: ?
[08-17 23:17][Fighter]Zanatos: ahhhh 20 years of waiting woundering is that what this is
[08-17 23:17][Fighter]Urtren: you want it on here instead
[08-17 23:18][Fighter]Zanatos: no I don't
[08-17 23:18][Fighter]Urtren: ok then
[08-31 00:58][Fighter]NEWS: Keogh is now level 100.
[09-08 20:54][Fighter]Zanatos: hey there
[09-08 20:55][Fighter]Bone >.> Yo Zany-kun!
[09-08 21:16][Fighter]NEWS: Bone is now level 2.
[09-08 21:16][Fighter]NEWS: Bone is now level 3.
[09-08 21:16][Fighter]NEWS: Bone is now level 4.
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08:35, Vaigday, Aenterki 20, 185 AD.

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