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[04-25 20:26][Fighter]Beatrice: Can someone please help me cap all stats to maximum?
[04-25 20:27][Fighter]Beatrice: I thought I had all stats to maximum but I was wrong
[04-25 20:29][Fighter]Are: sure.
[04-25 20:29][Fighter]Are: give me a little time to get ready
[04-25 20:29][Fighter]Beatrice: Can you meet me in the barracks?
[04-25 20:29][Fighter]Are: yes
[04-25 20:29][Fighter]Beatrice: May I party with you so I don't get lost?
[04-25 20:31][Fighter]Are: I need another minute or so
[04-25 20:32][Fighter]Beatrice: Ok
[04-25 20:32][Fighter]Beatrice: Meet you at the barracks hall.
[04-25 20:46][Fighter]Beatrice: Are, it's timefor bed.
[04-26 09:40][Fighter]Beatrice: I am back from church
[04-26 12:27][Fighter]NEWS: Amazon is now level 74.
[04-26 17:15][Fighter]Beatrice: Can someone please help me get some better armour and fight?
[04-26 19:10][Fighter]NEWS: Beatrice is now level 6.
[04-27 10:17][Fighter]NEWS: Kwef has joined the fighters.
[04-27 10:20][Fighter]Are: welcome!
[04-27 13:57][Fighter]NEWS: Ekki has joined the fighters.
[04-27 14:45][Fighter]Beatrice: Hello I'm heree.
[04-28 15:00][Fighter]NEWS: Beatrice is now level 7.
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13:09, Shadowday, Kepki 11, 176 AD.

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