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[10-18 23:49][Fighter]Aim: kept all 350s
[10-18 23:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: you followed a hero which is not subclassing
[10-18 23:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: heros are weapon skills
[10-18 23:49][Fighter]Aim: just gained the 150 with xp for swords
[10-18 23:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: figthers in a sense have 2 subclassing systems
[10-18 23:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: you have class skills and weapon skills
[10-18 23:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: they dont effect each other
[10-18 23:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: herors are basically subclassing for weapon skills
[10-18 23:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: thats probably why your confused
[10-18 23:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: picking a hero will not effect your class skills
[10-18 23:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: they only effect weapon skills
[10-18 23:50][Fighter]Aim: so in effect fighters can SUB without losing thte skills of unsubbed
[10-18 23:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: not relaly it doesnt give them extra abiltites
[10-18 23:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: it only messes with weapon skills
[10-18 23:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: so the ycan get better usign certain weapons
[10-18 23:51][Fighter]Aim: no, but gives 1 or 2 skills the boost to 500 skill without cutting others down to 250
[10-18 23:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: think of as weapon vs physical skills
[10-18 23:51][Fighter]Icewolfz: it onyl raises weapon skills
[10-18 23:51][Fighter]Aim: do monks get it ?
[10-18 23:52][Fighter]Icewolfz: thats one of the perks to a figher you cna speilzie in a weapon hero and get boost
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03:53, Lockday, Kantki 2, 171 AD.

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