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[12-08 21:02][Fighter]Naxan: NOT like robin hood
[12-08 21:02][Fighter]Icewolfz: fireing more arrows requries more skill so thats why ther are areas for rapid shot / gatling etc...
[12-08 21:03][Fighter]Naxan: How hard would it be to add that tune up?
[12-08 21:03][Fighter]Icewolfz: renaming is not easy
[12-08 21:03][Fighter]Naxan: I'm out of commands after 50
[12-08 21:03][Fighter]Icewolfz: you have other subclass comands
[12-08 21:03][Fighter]Naxan: 'Marksman' commands
[12-08 21:03][Fighter]Icewolfz: there is not an ysubvclass i thnk that has every rank filled in
[12-08 21:04][Fighter]Icewolfz: maybe 4 subclasses in the hwole game that have nearly every rank
[12-08 21:04][Fighter]Naxan: Well what were you thinking about the tighten/tune ability?
[12-08 21:04][Fighter]Naxan: What rank?
[12-08 21:04][Fighter]Icewolfz: monk fighter and monk subclasses are probably the most behinde
[12-08 21:04][Fighter]Icewolfz: well my current notes on tension idea is rank c
[12-08 21:05][Fighter]Naxan: Ah
[12-08 21:05][Fighter]Naxan: What would it do?
[12-08 21:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: probably be a booster
[12-08 21:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: jus not sure what or where asidi its an idea not flushed out 100%
[12-08 21:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: it probbaly work very simialr to tune
[12-08 21:06][Fighter]Icewolfz: jus ta differnt effect
[12-08 21:06][Fighter]Naxan: Would it be overly difficult to work on?
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00:33, Lockday, Kortki 12, 172 AD.

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