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[12-04 10:34][Mage]Query wasnt there a tower in the footies forest?
[12-04 10:36][Mage]Query end.
[12-04 11:39][Mage]Query can't use the sabre yet.. max small sword is 10
[12-04 13:00][Mage]Query casts slip on the archmage as he portals away
[12-04 13:03][Mage]Query wait.. theres a tower or an archmage trainer locater spell.
[12-04 13:04][Mage]Query or there was
[12-04 13:15][Mage]Query loc for the Conjure & Elementalist archmages..
[12-04 13:24][Mage]Query silly
[12-04 13:27][Mage]Query siva plains? or..
[12-04 15:04][Mage]Query spell name baracade
[12-04 15:12][Mage]Query saw the spell D E S T O R Y. and thought nah they wouldn't want it that low
[12-04 15:15][Mage]Rmp: well that makes it virtually certain that it works
[12-04 15:15][Mage]Rmp: and its to remove your created objects only
[12-04 15:16][Mage]Rmp: I we know that you can't even start using create until rank B magic - so like level 6 or 7.
[12-04 15:18][Mage]Query did not know. was very excited. then read The info
[12-04 15:19][Mage]Query logic returned with reality
[12-04 15:37][Mage]Query blah cant remember last tower.. oh well
[12-04 18:50][Mage]Query yeah Thorne is not going to give me a 2n soell like water bulletsd A rank Elements
[12-04 18:51][Mage]Query & Lara is stingy also..
[12-04 18:55][Mage]Query secure spellbook
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15:27, Darkday, Sartki 19, 198 AD.

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