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[08-22 05:31][Mage]NEWS: Xavrael is now level 25.
[08-23 07:53][Mage]Merlin: Welcome back
[08-23 07:54][Mage]Xavrael: Thanks
[08-23 07:54][Mage]Xavrael: Actually, while I've got another mage around, got a question for you - got any recommendations on good xp'ing areas apart from tundra?
[08-23 07:54][Mage]Merlin: Mines.
[08-23 07:55][Mage]Merlin: makes a lot of silver there too.
[08-23 07:55][Mage]Xavrael: Oh? Are they weak against anything in particular in there? Last time I tried to xp there, it was just so-so
[08-23 07:56][Mage]Merlin: XP is not a good as the tundra, but there is money and you can mine... gem, orc.
[08-23 07:56][Mage]Xavrael: I see. Thanks
[08-23 07:56][Mage]Merlin: If you craft stuff, it works out well.
[08-23 08:10][Mage]NEWS: Merlin is now level 23.
[08-23 08:10][Mage]Xavrael: Grats!
[08-23 08:10][Mage]Merlin: Thanks.
[08-23 08:11][Mage]NEWS: Merlin is now level 24.
[08-23 08:12][Mage]Xavrael: Grats again
[08-23 08:12][Mage]Merlin: Thanks. I have a thing for even levels. LOL
[08-23 08:13][Mage]Xavrael: I mean, I like intervals of 5, so can't really fault you for your own lvl preferences
[08-23 08:13][Mage]Merlin: LOL
[08-23 11:15][Mage]NEWS: Clara is now level 6.
[08-23 11:15][Mage]Static: Congratulations!
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09:58, Vaigday, Altki 15, 177 AD.

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