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[01-28 12:09][Mage]Am: I'm looking
[01-28 12:09][Mage]Why: about to quit, time to go home
[01-28 12:27][Mage]Am: well, I just did about 2 million more xp than I planned today with Am. felt good to stretch out and clobber 20+ in tundra.
[01-28 12:29][Mage]A herd of mammoth yell: its clobbing time! and rush Am.
[01-28 12:30][Mage]A herd of mammoth glow orange and thing out!
[01-28 12:30][Mage]A herd of orange rock covered mammoth lay the smack down on Am.
[01-28 13:13][Mage]Icewolfz: hm mi should adjust hte mage staff skill up some
[01-28 13:13][Mage]Icewolfz: maybe make it 4.0
[01-28 13:13][Mage]Am: I'm not maxxed because it was so expensive to get
[01-28 13:14][Mage]Icewolfz: staff skill is around middle of the pack in terms of cost
[01-28 16:58][Mage]Uxue: Congrats Why!
[01-28 16:59][Mage]Uxue delayed reactions a lot.
[02-01 05:37][Mage]NEWS: Uxue is now level 89.
[02-01 06:32][Mage]NEWS: Uxue is now level 90.
[02-01 22:38][Mage]NEWS: Izzard is now level 87.
[02-07 20:26][Mage]NEWS: Merlin is now level 20.
[02-07 20:26][Mage]NEWS: Merlin is now level 21.
[02-18 08:07][Mage]NEWS: Why is now level 85.
[02-18 09:57][Mage]Am: Congrats!
[02-18 11:10][Mage]Why: thank you
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17:11, Lockday, Aenterki 2, 167 AD.

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