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[11-10 20:11][Mage]Am: so if you need help, which will mostly be command help, Icey is great...better than I am.
[11-10 20:11][Mage]Kara: got it. :)
[11-10 20:12][Mage]Am: but if you need items or money or whatever, he can't, I can. and so can anyone else who's around.
[11-10 20:12][Mage]Kara: i probably won't be on a ton either because of my work schedule.
[11-10 20:12][Mage]Kara: ooh, okay :) thanks.
[11-10 20:13][Mage]Am: this character and Recluse idle all the time in the [] because they have triggers for everyone to use
[11-10 20:13][Mage]Am: enchant, bless, quicken, etc.
[11-10 20:13][Mage]Kara: hmm, i see
[11-10 20:13][Mage]Am: tell recluse list
[11-10 20:14][Mage]Icewolfz: quickfaq is a usefull command too
[11-10 20:14][Mage]Icewolfz: list basic commands under categories
[11-10 20:14][Mage]Am: am has mportal so Am can create portals in various places in the game
[11-10 20:14][Mage]Am: tell am mportal list for them
[11-10 20:15][Mage]Am: am also has enchant and elementalstrike --which apparently I'm not advertising, but they are there.
[11-10 20:15][Mage]Kara: okays
[11-10 20:18][Mage]Am: my advice for now is that when you login, you hit the [] and then say enchant, say bless, say holyweapon, say holyarmor, those help you until logout. Then probably say quicken, say giantstr, say mantle, say ironskin, say fortify to get the ones that wear off every 10-15 minutes.
[11-10 22:23][Mage]NEWS: Kara is now level 2.
[11-10 22:45][Mage]Icewolfz: congratz
[11-10 23:16][Mage]Kara: thanks :)
[11-10 23:20][Mage]Icewolfz: you should try and locate siva, thier level up class hall is cooler
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15:20, Flameday, Praxi 8, 179 AD.

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