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[05-15 18:34][Mage]NEWS: Static is now level 51.
[05-15 18:48][Mage]NEWS: Blaster is now level 17.
[05-15 18:48][Mage]Kittenhawke: grats
[05-15 18:48][Mage]Static: Grats!
[05-15 18:48][Mage]Blaster: *bows*
[05-15 19:25][Mage]NEWS: Static is now level 52.
[05-15 19:26][Mage]Blaster: *high five*
[05-15 19:26][Mage]Static: thank you
[05-15 19:26][Mage]Kittenhawke gives Static 52 pokes with a fork in celebration.
[05-16 19:17][Mage]NEWS: Blaster is now level 18.
[05-17 08:01][Mage]Static: Aww, man, youre going the wrong way!
[05-17 08:01][Mage]Static: Get back up soldier! Chin up!
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Static: Come get your belongings when you get a chance.
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Enter: I giveded you a dead kittenhawke.
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Static: Ohh
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Enter: I took her to Jonestown and gave her Kool-Aid.
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Static: Awww maaayun.
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Kittenhawke: i'm so impressionable
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Enter: cept instead of Kool-Aid, it was acid.
[05-17 08:03][Mage]Kittenhawke: i need my snow suit back now please 'cept i can't walk in it too good :D
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07:53, Vaigday, Altki 5, 177 AD.

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