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[03-23 07:14][Cleric]NEWS: Kermorvan is now level 37.
[03-23 09:39][Cleric]NEWS: Kermorvan is now level 38.
[03-23 14:37][Cleric]NEWS: Kermorvan is now level 39.
[03-24 07:43][Cleric]NEWS: Khiara is now level 86.
[03-24 07:45][Cleric]Recluse: congrats!
[03-24 07:46][Cleric]Khiara: Thanks, back to some crafting :)
[03-24 07:46][Cleric]Khiara: Looking for a chisel?
[03-24 07:47][Cleric]Khiara: Haven't found one so I can start to try and improve the sell cost of gems I'm mining
[03-24 07:47][Cleric]Khiara: Heh, bet that was an automessage lol
[03-24 07:52][Cleric]Nova: probably not, he probably just switched to another account
[03-24 07:52][Cleric]Nova: Congrats by the way
[03-24 07:53][Cleric]Nova: and I don't think chisels are a thing?
[03-24 07:55][Cleric]Khiara: Oh I guess I got mixed up, it is a command I need to use to do it. Thanks
[03-24 09:52][Cleric]Malinari: stonemasonry tool
[03-24 09:52][Cleric]Malinari: the tools are sold at the various stores around the realm
[03-24 11:02][Cleric]NEWS: Khiara is now level 87.
[03-26 11:37][Cleric]NEWS: Khiara is now level 88.
[03-27 08:18][Cleric]NEWS: Khiara is now level 89.
[03-30 13:20][Cleric]NEWS: Kermorvan is now level 40.
[04-03 10:53][Cleric]NEWS: Azrael has joined the clerics.
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06:34, Vaigday, Ketralki 5, 181 AD.

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