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    Ropes can now be wielded and used with strangle - Icewolfz

    Stealth and shadowwalk walk systems have been tweaked, they now train better, but cost an extra sp for stealth, an an extra mp for shadowwalk - Icewolfz
    You can now climb cloaked but it makes the climb harder and cost mp/sp but trains stealth if they are on as well - Icewolfz

    Updated camouflage to not work when shadowwalking - Icewolfz

    Fixed bugs in deceive command that did not correctly add and remove adjustment amounts - Icewolfz

    Scaled doublesclice up to more hits based on skills - Icewolfz
    Pivot has been scaled up in tarets based on skills and subs similar to doubleslice - Icewolfz
    backflip and flipsliver not dealing correct damage when following hits done - Icewolfz
    Quicksliver now factors in acrobat as a 2nd to give an extra hit - Icewolfz

    Fixed bugs in ambush that did not clear when target is lost - Icewolfz

    Ambush has bene updated with a monir power boost to try and offset the cost of how long ittakes to setup - Icewolfz

    A bug in quicksliver was fixed, those who are acrobatics as main sub should now get more hits at higher levels - Icewolfz

    Added trapple hit/pull for arrows - Icewolfz
    Fixed bugs in traps when dealing with the target diing before triggered - Icewolfz
    Updated traps when set by a player will now harm if target is the setter - Icewolfz

    Shadowflicker has been updated it is now a multi round command to remove some eval issues - Icewolfz

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17:14, Lockday, Aenterki 2, 167 AD.

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