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[05-09 20:05][Cleric]Icewolfz: if main us combat they are about equeal in power, the only diff would be effects
[05-09 20:05][Cleric]Icewolfz: as rapture is a mix of damage + apra and crusade i think is damage only
[05-09 20:05][Cleric]Left: but that will run you out of sp and mp in a hurry.
[05-09 20:06][Cleric]Sopboo: right now im using torment
[05-09 20:06][Cleric]Sopboo: seems to be my best option
[05-09 20:06][Cleric]Left: well I heard you have some strikes against you..first being ianthe cleric :)
[05-09 20:06][Cleric]Left: then a satyr..
[05-09 20:07][Cleric]Left: and then your subs don't include zaal and his fun commands.
[05-09 20:07][Cleric]Sopboo: well yeah this is a lot different from what it was so i didn't know what i was doing
[05-09 20:07][Cleric]Sopboo: but either way not a big deal can always make a different char later
[05-09 20:08][Cleric]Left: no - what you are doing is bad ass.
[05-09 20:08][Cleric]Sopboo: just trying to hit legend at this point
[05-09 20:08][Cleric]Left: because its harder than average
[05-09 20:10][Cleric]Sopboo: well thank ya but its not too hard now.. lower levels was a bit rough
[05-09 20:11][Cleric]Left: recluse did it all with normal combat, wielding a melee tegaki shuko and good armor
[05-09 20:11][Cleric]Left: until about level 70.
[05-09 20:11][Cleric]Sopboo: thats what i was doing as well
[05-09 20:11][Cleric]Sopboo: well used those spine whips in undead for awhile too
[05-09 20:11][Cleric]Left: rapture changed that.
[05-09 20:11][Cleric]Left: undead didn't exist
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12:59, Darkday, Kepki 9, 183 AD.

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