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[06-08 22:54][Cleric]Left: Icey - you know the girl on undead island - she could use a teddy bear, that gives a little faith and death for clerics.
[06-08 22:54][Cleric]Left: an evil teddy bear. so like if you are odhrean or mmore evil like ...10 bonus ..
[06-08 22:56][Cleric]Teddy Ruxpin's head spins around: do you want to play?
[06-08 22:56][Cleric]Teddy Ruxpin pukes green pea soup on you.
[06-08 22:56][Cleric]Teddy Ruxpin: all your soul belong to us!
[06-08 22:56][Cleric]Left: play thermonuclear warfare
[06-08 22:57][Cleric]WOPR: would you like to play a game of chess?
[06-08 22:58][Cleric]WOPR: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?
[06-11 15:02][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 83.
[06-12 20:24][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 84.
[06-12 21:26][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 85.
[06-12 22:31][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 86.
[06-13 13:37][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 87.
[06-17 22:24][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 88.
[06-19 03:43][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 89.
[06-19 21:30][Cleric]NEWS: You is now level 52.
[06-19 21:47][Cleric]NEWS: You is now level 53.
[06-19 21:48][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 90.
[06-19 21:48][Cleric]You: Woooooo!
[06-19 22:33][Cleric]NEWS: You is now level 54.
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09:29, Shadowday, Ketralki 16, 184 AD.

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