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[01-23 22:45][Cleric]Icewolfz: divirge is same as banish just mulit target
[01-23 22:45][Cleric]Recluse: turn and banish fail to turn or banish as a legend, monsters much below my level
[01-23 22:45][Cleric]Icewolfz: and rank j
[01-23 22:45][Cleric]Recluse: well that's a large turn off.
[01-23 22:46][Cleric]Icewolfz: could be the success formal
[01-23 22:46][Cleric]Recluse: I did it with about 10 undead area monsters (upper area) and all failed to do more than like 5 or 10% dam
[01-23 22:46][Cleric]Icewolfz: the che kis baislcy alignmet + level vs targt aligment + level
[01-23 22:46][Cleric]Icewolfz: i think has a finished weight as well
[01-23 22:47][Cleric]Recluse: idle fight with setcombat faith was super fast to kill fortunately
[01-23 22:47][Cleric]Icewolfz: so you have ot hurt a monster enough before it will dust
[01-23 22:47][Cleric]Icewolfz: but asid eve nwiht otu hte instant death it still a rank c/f
[01-23 22:47][Cleric]Icewolfz: divege has simialr rules
[01-23 22:47][Cleric]Icewolfz: granted diverge may have some bugs
[01-23 22:47][Cleric]Recluse: 2 years ago when I was xp'ing hard, turn or banish were basically nearly always an instakill
[01-23 22:48][Cleric]Icewolfz: hmm sees i facotr in hp % as weight
[01-23 22:48][Cleric]Recluse: so that was probably OP for a level 25, but this is crazy weak
[01-23 22:48][Cleric]Icewolfz: meaning the more damage the target is the easer to dust
[01-23 22:48][Cleric]Icewolfz: i rprobaly recoded it due to that and thats ho got ot current formulas
[01-23 22:48][Cleric]Icewolfz: the fomrulas look likea wieghted damage system
[01-23 22:48][Cleric]Icewolfz: it does alignment + level for attacker
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09:32, Shadowday, Kepki 6, 174 AD.

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