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[04-14 07:46][Cleric]Nova: from the webster dictionary
[04-14 07:46][Cleric]Nova: glad to help
[04-14 22:52][Cleric]NEWS: Kitten is now level 20.
[04-15 14:03][Cleric]NEWS: Palias is now level 72.
[04-15 16:46][Cleric]NEWS: Kitten is now level 21.
[04-15 17:30][Cleric]NEWS: Kitten is now level 22.
[04-15 17:31][Cleric]NEWS: Kitten is now level 23.
[04-15 18:22][Cleric]NEWS: Kitten is now level 24.
[04-16 00:00][Cleric]NEWS: Kitten is now level 25.
[04-16 00:00][Cleric]NEWS: Kitten is now level 26.
[04-16 20:40][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> and a cleric line...
[04-16 20:41][Cleric]Kitten: goof
[04-16 20:48][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> <---
[04-16 22:00][Cleric]NEWS: Kitten is now level 27.
[04-16 22:00][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> Congratulationz!
[04-16 22:00][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> may Edorin bless your travels!
[04-16 22:00][Cleric]Kitten: thank you thank you very much
[04-16 22:00][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> and screw every other deity!
[04-16 22:00][Cleric]Kitten: i don't need to know about your personal relationships with all of them :P
[04-16 22:01][Cleric]Carbon: <Edorin's Light> Edorin's whorin', shhh!
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06:27, Lockday, Kortki 12, 175 AD.

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