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[05-09 20:24][Cleric]Left: dragon fire and acid attacks are about 8 seconds from start to finish.
[05-09 20:24][Cleric]Left: so I wait 10 seconds normally.
[05-09 20:25][Cleric]Left: Kill has the exact timing pretty much mastered.
[05-09 20:25][Cleric]Sopboo: yeah ive seen that
[05-09 20:25][Cleric]Sopboo: he killed him with a very low lvl char
[05-09 20:26][Cleric]Icewolfz: yeah can be done but timing and takes longer
[05-09 20:26][Cleric]Left: he's killed balavoar with a level 19 more than once.
[05-09 20:27][Cleric]Icewolfz: in theory anyone can kill them with some prep
[05-09 20:27][Cleric]Left: he's killed lymsleia and ulga with level 1s.
[05-09 20:27][Cleric]Icewolfz: get a lot of exploding chest open them with fire resistan to wekane him then finish him off
[05-09 20:33][Cleric]Left: one good thing you have going is being ianthe you can heal all
[05-09 20:34][Cleric]Left: and it nearly never fails before you lose limbs.
[05-09 20:35][Cleric]Sopboo: do you notice much damage change by raising charisma and wisdom
[05-09 20:52][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 54.
[05-09 21:51][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 55.
[05-10 09:44][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 56.
[05-10 09:58][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 57.
[05-10 21:09][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 58.
[05-11 00:44][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 59.
[05-11 08:45][Cleric]NEWS: Left is now level 60.
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00:16, Lockday, Praxi 2, 183 AD.

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