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[10-11 13:37][Cleric]Paleman: Spiffy.
[10-11 13:42][Cleric]Icewolfz: plus findtemple wont tell you where it is anwyas
[10-11 13:42][Cleric]Icewolfz: outside of a hint and that its in the general area
[10-11 13:50][Cleric]Icewolfz: and feel free to point out how ot make clerics or the mud in general better
[10-11 13:50][Cleric]Icewolfz: i dont mind looking itno stuff if you think something sucks or can be imprved
[10-11 13:50][Cleric]Icewolfz: cna post on any of the boards
[10-11 13:51][Cleric]Paleman: thus far, besides the pipe dream of wanting an undead race, and a bit of syntax clean up there and there i thing it rocks
[10-11 13:56][Cleric]Icewolfz: yeah syntax is alsoways a pain
[10-11 13:57][Cleric]Icewolfz: i try and make it as free worm as i can in places
[10-11 13:57][Cleric]Icewolfz: if you find places that need sytnax looked into feel free to bug it and i can try and improve it
[10-11 13:58][Cleric]Paleman: will do , mostly its silly things like there being a sign. and some times its read sign, other times its examine sign. and in another it is look at sign.
[10-11 14:03][Cleric]Icewolfz: well in theory look/read are 2 differnt things
[10-11 14:03][Cleric]Icewolfz: in theory look would describe the physical look eg wooden sign with writing etc...
[10-11 14:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: while read would read the writing on the sign
[10-11 14:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: that smore an rp then antyhing
[10-11 14:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: examine is pretty much the same as look
[10-11 14:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: granted read is in consitant
[10-11 14:04][Cleric]Icewolfz: depends on who designed the area
[10-11 14:05][Cleric]Icewolfz: and how rp in depth they liked to go
[10-11 14:05][Cleric]Paleman: indeed no worries as i run into things i'll tag them as bugs.
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06:20, Darkday, Kortki 14, 171 AD.

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