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[08-15 17:00][Mage]Icewolfz: or at least need to be smart
[08-15 21:45][Mage]NEWS: Drazzi is now level 36.
[08-15 22:29][Mage]NEWS: Drazzi is now level 37.
[08-15 22:29][Mage]Am: congrats! x36
[08-15 22:29][Mage]Drazzi: lol thanks :)
[08-15 22:29][Mage]Drazzi: me and Static got busy1
[08-15 22:30][Mage]Drazzi: Morgan Freeman told us get busy questing or get busy dying.
[08-15 22:30][Mage]Drazzi: I was very tempted to do both :)
[08-15 22:31][Mage]Drazzi: but I want izzard to see me coming. >:)
[08-15 22:32][Mage]Am: lol.
[08-15 22:32][Mage]Am: well Raspy got his required million :)
[08-15 22:32][Mage]Drazzi: woo!
[08-15 22:32][Mage]Am: in about 10
[08-15 22:32][Mage]Drazzi: yeah, he did 2 tigerfuries!
[08-15 22:33][Mage]Am: can't kill as many as me with kill just idling in the room
[08-15 22:33][Mage]Drazzi: hehe
[08-15 22:33][Mage]Am: as long as I have a punching bag, i'm good
[08-15 22:33][Mage]Drazzi: that's how he got 27 mil he cant use!
[08-15 22:34][Mage]Am: any ogre will do
[08-15 22:35][Mage]Am: between arrowstorm, elementalarrowstorm, poisonarrowstorm, flare and forcewave, I'm just fine.
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02:03, Flameday, Kortki 13, 171 AD.

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