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[01-10 14:47][Mage]NEWS: Hefty has joined the mages.
[01-16 20:10][Mage]NEWS: Blaster has joined the mages.
[01-16 20:16][Mage]Blaster: hello
[01-16 20:17][Mage]Am: i'm here
[01-16 20:33][Mage]NEWS: Blaster is now level 2.
[01-16 20:33][Mage]Am: congrats!
[02-01 20:52][Mage]NEWS: Clara has joined the mages.
[02-01 21:10][Mage]Icewolfz: welcome ot the mages!
[02-01 21:10][Mage]Clara: thank you
[02-01 21:49][Mage]NEWS: Clara is now level 2.
[02-02 14:24][Mage]NEWS: Fluffy has joined the mages.
[02-02 14:25][Mage]NEWS: Fluffy is now level 2.
[02-02 15:01][Mage]NEWS: Fluffy is now level 3.
[02-02 15:56][Mage]NEWS: Fluffy is now level 4.
[02-05 12:20][Mage]Marianna: what is best to use during battle
[02-05 12:21][Mage]Marianna: I can't remember but have everything
[02-06 10:33][Mage]NEWS: Marianna is now level 97.
[02-06 10:43][Mage]Marianna: what is the best stats to raise for mage is it just charisma wisdom and intelligence
[02-06 13:59][Mage]NEWS: Marianna is now level 97.
[02-06 17:53][Mage]NEWS: Marianna is now level 98.
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13:22, Shadowday, Denki 16, 174 AD.

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