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[09-13 19:31][Mage]Blaster: well what do you know about that
[09-13 19:31][Mage]Xavrael: Figured it was finally time to put a little of my xp to work again...
[09-13 19:31][Mage]Xavrael: before I die and lose it all
[09-13 19:35][Mage]Xavrael: ...yeah. Like that. That is what I'm trying to avoid (Sorry to see it, hope you didn't lose much)
[09-13 19:36][Mage]Blaster: for crying out loud
[09-13 19:36][Mage]Blaster: thats the second time tonight
[09-13 19:36][Mage]Blaster: cannibals
[09-13 19:37][Mage]Icewolfz: pickled blaster toes!
[09-13 19:37][Mage]Xavrael: Ahh... yeah, they hit hard
[09-13 19:37][Mage]Xavrael: They've knocked me down to sub-50hp twice, but Edorin was looking out for me I guess - didn't quite become a meal for them
[09-13 19:38][Mage]Blaster: they kept knocking limbs off, they got all of me this time. I guess liver is good eating, but probably not mine
[09-13 19:39][Mage]Icewolfz: A cannibal cleans a bone and throws it a in a pile and ask you to dinner...
[09-13 19:41][Mage]NEWS: Blaster is now level 19.
[09-18 01:48][Mage]NEWS: Xavrael is now level 33.
[10-08 21:23][Mage]NEWS: Mumen has joined the mages.
[10-08 21:23][Mage]Mumen is a mage...and a humen!
[10-16 22:03][Mage]NEWS: Mumen is now level 2.
[10-16 22:04][Mage]NEWS: Mumen is now level 3.
[10-16 22:04][Mage]NEWS: Mumen is now level 4.
[10-16 22:04][Mage]NEWS: Mumen is now level 5.
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12:23, Shadowday, Ketralki 1, 178 AD.

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