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[11-21 23:08][Mage]Icewolfz: not subbed you get a 20% chance of it pickign a differnt type randomly i think
[11-21 23:10][Mage]Icewolfz: and arrows conjurd and left behind should havehte strike auto enabled
[11-21 23:10][Mage]Icewolfz: so fire elemental storm will creae arrows that have firestrike
[11-21 23:10][Mage]Icewolfz: so when puleld out htey do normal + strike damage
[11-21 23:12][Mage]Icewolfz: ovreall eas should be stronger them as
[11-21 23:12][Mage]Icewolfz: as it doesnt due puncture damge like normal as
[11-21 23:12][Mage]Icewolfz: it does fire/forst/etc...
[11-21 23:12][Mage]Icewolfz: so unless protection
[11-21 23:12][Mage]Icewolfz: i may ned to update it and factor in bonuses better
[11-21 23:17][Mage]Icewolfz: fix to eas
[11-21 23:17][Mage]Icewolfz: now factors in elemental bonuses correctly for damage
[11-21 23:17][Mage]Icewolfz: like wet vs liughting etc..
[11-21 23:18][Mage]Why: and i can't learn it
[11-21 23:18][Mage]Icewolfz: got magic+conjruing+eleemtals?
[11-21 23:18][Mage]Icewolfz: gotta have all 3 skills at rank h
[11-21 23:19][Mage]Icewolfz: so they all need ot be a min of 300
[11-21 23:19][Mage]Icewolfz: your conjuring is onyl 187
[11-21 23:19][Mage]Icewolfz: aiad it rqurie sal l3 skills at 300 min
[11-21 23:19][Mage]Why: I don't think I'll ever get it
[11-21 23:20][Mage]Icewolfz: nope 250 is your max conjuring
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00:51, Lockday, Sartki 12, 166 AD.

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