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[05-17 08:02][Mage]Enter: I giveded you a dead kittenhawke.
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Static: Ohh
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Enter: I took her to Jonestown and gave her Kool-Aid.
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Static: Awww maaayun.
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Kittenhawke: i'm so impressionable
[05-17 08:02][Mage]Enter: cept instead of Kool-Aid, it was acid.
[05-17 08:03][Mage]Kittenhawke: i need my snow suit back now please 'cept i can't walk in it too good :D
[05-17 18:17][Mage]NEWS: Blaster is now level 19.
[06-04 10:18][Mage]NEWS: Xeek has joined the mages.
[06-04 10:32][Mage]NEWS: Xeek is now level 2.
[06-09 23:02][Mage]NEWS: Static is now level 53.
[06-10 12:04][Mage]NEWS: Static is now level 54.
[06-18 06:20][Mage]NEWS: Static is now journeymaned in Necromancer!
[06-19 20:09][Mage]NEWS: Why is now level 90.
[06-19 20:16][Mage]Am: want to get to 91 tonight ?
[06-19 20:18][Mage]Why: kinda what i was working on last night, when i made it to 89
[06-19 20:19][Mage]Am: well, ok then. I can pull raspy out of retirement for assistance :)
[06-20 21:12][Mage]Am: would it be too OP to code another Create command, like rank f-g that allowed more or less the pattern type you want to create rather than the random of the weapon type ?
[06-20 21:12][Mage]Am: so like if i want to create a halbred or a shovel or a knife...I can do that.
[06-20 21:12][Mage]Am: without trying random luck of weapon type
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04:19, Shadowday, Ketralki 6, 178 AD.

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