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[09-08 12:21][Mage]Am: i'm tearing up tundra
[09-08 12:22][Mage]Pyro: yeah it seemd a little empty
[09-08 12:22][Mage]Pyro: but the room was stocked
[09-08 19:37][Mage]NEWS: Am is now level 100.
[09-08 21:15][Mage]Am: ok got level and stuff back
[09-08 21:17][Mage]Pyro: nice
[09-08 21:18][Mage]Pyro: i see solas got u again
[09-08 21:25][Mage]Am: well lag and stupidity
[09-08 21:25][Mage]Pyro: ouch
[09-08 21:25][Mage]Am: only takes a couple seconds of lag to get disoriented and dead
[09-08 21:26][Mage]Am: if I had hammered stand semicolon out semicolon climb down over and over I probably would have saved the troubles of killing them naked
[09-08 21:54][Mage]Pyro: damn 4 muskox, 5 mammoths,9 caribou
[09-08 21:54][Mage]Am: must have left that laying around
[09-08 21:54][Mage]Pyro: no i just cleared that from a room
[09-08 21:58][Mage]Am: cool. Soon you'll be able to do more than that
[09-08 21:59][Mage]Am: you have the advantage of holyarmor to get you through the crappy times of all normal hits getting to you
[09-08 21:59][Mage]Pyro: true
[09-08 21:59][Mage]Am: holyarmor only works when you get hit, so its perfect
[09-08 21:59][Mage]Pyro: it has helped alot
[09-08 21:59][Mage]Am: it was better at first. after it was fixed, icey told us it was going 6000+ hp damage at times. :)
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11:17, Vaigday, Altki 5, 165 AD.

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