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[03-23 12:42][Mage]NEWS: Circe has joined the mages.
[03-23 12:52][Mage]NEWS: Circe is now level 2.
[03-23 13:49][Mage]NEWS: Circe is now level 3.
[03-23 13:51][Mage]Icewolfz: you should level in siva it is cooler
[03-23 13:52][Mage]Circe: Maybe next one
[03-23 16:04][Mage]NEWS: Circe is now level 4.
[03-23 16:48][Mage]Circe: I made an orb!
[03-23 17:16][Mage]NEWS: Circe is now level 5.
[03-25 09:17][Mage]NEWS: Circe is now level 6.
[03-25 09:23][Mage]Am: congrats!
[03-25 09:24][Mage]Circe: o/
[03-25 11:04][Mage]Am: did you do any killing yet Circe ?
[03-25 11:05][Mage]Circe: yeah
[03-25 11:05][Mage]Circe: bison are good xp, yaks, not so much
[03-25 11:06][Mage]Am: yup
[03-25 11:06][Mage]Circe: I was sliiiightly ascared that they'd link, and just murder my face
[03-25 11:49][Mage]A herd of bison swarm Circe!
[04-03 16:39][Mage]NEWS: Harry is now level 100.
[04-10 19:25][Mage]Why: nope, only got F for sorcery
[04-10 20:44][Mage]NEWS: Yahnow has joined the mages.
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11:20, Darkday, Aenterki 14, 168 AD.

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