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[04-22 19:01][Fighter]Icewolfz: all abilities have help files that explain what they do and syntax on how to use them
[04-22 19:02][Fighter]Icewolfz: most combat abilites are command [target id]
[04-22 19:02][Fighter]Icewolfz: or no target id if already in target to assume current attacker
[04-22 19:03][Fighter]Icewolfz: the list will tell you what you can and can not learn
[04-22 19:03][Fighter]Icewolfz: each ability should have a symbol next to their name denoting if you can learn them yet
[04-22 19:04][Fighter]Icewolfz: jarem is the only one you need to worry about right now as you will not beable to learn other trainer abilities till around level 7
[04-22 19:04][Fighter]Icewolfz: there is no limit to how many abilites you can lean other then the skill requirements
[04-22 19:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: you may look at your sash to see what you have learned
[04-22 19:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: asking him should also list the synax for learning
[04-22 19:06][Fighter]Icewolfz: help abilities
[04-22 19:06][Fighter]Icewolfz: list the basic help for learning and other infomation
[04-22 19:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: ask jarem about abilities
[04-22 19:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: will list
[04-22 19:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: then you do learn ability
[04-22 19:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: example: learn jumpattack
[04-22 19:14][Fighter]Icewolfz: will teach you jumpattack
[04-22 20:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: beleave it is the room with mathe
[04-22 20:05][Fighter]Icewolfz: think that is one north of jare
[04-22 20:05][Fighter]NEWS: Beatrice is now level 2.
[04-22 20:06][Fighter]Gojiro: woooo
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12:49, Shadowday, Kepki 11, 176 AD.

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