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[04-15 21:36][Fighter]Zanatos: KILL EM ALL!!!
[04-15 21:36][Fighter]Kill <Ogre> Yes, ALL!
[04-16 00:35][Fighter]Zanatos: night for now :)
[04-17 13:01][Fighter]Amazon: what kind of weapon is maul
[04-17 13:06][Fighter]Zanatos: its a Big Hammer
[04-17 13:07][Fighter]Amazon: what skill
[04-17 13:08][Fighter]Amazon: ok blunt I believe, its gone up a scosh
[04-17 13:08][Fighter]Zanatos: it can be thrown at Monsters
[04-17 13:08][Fighter]Amazon: thank you hubster :)
[04-17 13:09][Fighter]Zanatos: not a problem
[04-17 13:11][Fighter]Amazon: how about trident.. polearm?
[04-17 13:11][Fighter]Zanatos: yes
[04-17 13:13][Fighter]Amazon: last question, is gordon ramsey an iron chef
[04-17 13:13][Fighter]Zanatos: yes but he swears like a Sailor
[04-17 13:14][Fighter]Amazon: He IS?!
[04-17 13:14][Fighter]Amazon: watching masterchef now from last night
[04-17 13:14][Fighter]Zanatos: he is a Chef
[04-17 13:14][Fighter]Amazon: it just suddenly struck me that I didn't even know if he is an Iron Chef.. Iron Chef though
[04-17 13:15][Fighter]Amazon: been watching him for years, hells kitchen, masterchef etc.. his restaurant makeovers
[04-17 13:16][Fighter]Amazon: ok ty lovey
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07:22, Lockday, Kortki 12, 175 AD.

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