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[03-14 21:28][Fighter]Icewolfz: only works when logged in, saves profiles and map data
[03-14 21:28][Fighter]Amazon: plz*
[03-14 21:29][Fighter]Amazon: I had it on chrome and then chrome started speaking noodle all the time so I went to internet when I have Cmud paid for
[03-14 21:29][Fighter]Amazon: can't figure out cmud mapping ever
[03-14 21:30][Fighter]Icewolfz: no clue on cmud
[03-14 21:30][Fighter]Amazon: internet explorer* at least it doesn't look like chinese now
[03-14 21:30][Fighter]Icewolfz: you can always export hte data fro mchrome
[03-14 21:31][Fighter]Icewolfz: there is an export system as well wher it will save your map data as a txt file
[03-14 21:31][Fighter]Icewolfz: and you cna import it to other browsers
[03-14 21:31][Fighter]Amazon: well yeah if I was smart
[03-14 21:31][Fighter]Icewolfz: or yo ucna login and do client save
[03-14 21:31][Fighter]Icewolfz: and the non other login and client load
[03-14 21:32][Fighter]Amazon: sheldon... u gtta spk basic to me, I just recolored my hair back to blonde again this afternoon and it soaks into the skull and beyond
[03-14 21:32][Fighter]Icewolfz: load chrome, login to mud, type client save, close chrome, load other browser, login, type client load
[03-14 21:33][Fighter]Amazon: type it where
[03-14 21:33][Fighter]Icewolfz: as command to the mud
[03-14 21:33][Fighter]Icewolfz: help client
[03-14 21:33][Fighter]Icewolfz: explains it
[03-14 21:33][Fighter]Icewolfz: it sa mud command that tells the web client to send data to the mud or load it from the mud
[03-14 21:35][Fighter]Amazon: dont think it worked
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09:24, Shadowday, Kepki 6, 174 AD.

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