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[01-31 22:47][Fighter]Icewolfz: as mot poeple you know would just steer it normally
[01-31 22:47][Fighter]Conan: You can't steer it normally thats the whole joke
[01-31 22:47][Fighter]Brainy: I'm gonna go Fight Club with it and say they're the same mouse.
[01-31 22:47][Fighter]Conan: it had a club on the wheel
[01-31 22:47][Fighter]Conan: it could only steer right
[01-31 22:47][Fighter]Icewolfz: which as i said could point ot him being insane
[01-31 22:47][Fighter]Icewolfz: his insaneity is what gives him the reason to try the stuff
[01-31 22:48][Fighter]Brainy: he has creative power
[01-31 22:48][Fighter]Brainy: hence genius
[01-31 22:48][Fighter]Brainy: genius - exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.
[01-31 22:48][Fighter]Icewolfz: you can be creative and not be a genius
[01-31 22:49][Fighter]Brainy: what's your non-dictionary definition of genius then, Icey?
[01-31 22:49][Fighter]Brainy: cuz that was my dictionary definition :)
[01-31 22:49][Fighter]Icewolfz: just syaing a lot of his stuff also can fall under nsane
[01-31 23:02][Fighter]Brainy: both of them could easily be either. they both went through the same machine to get smarter. The same machine gave them the ability to speak. Making them exceptional in mouse terms.
[01-31 23:03][Fighter]Brainy: exceptional intelligence deems them geniuses.
[01-31 23:03][Fighter]Brainy: Pinky can somehow thwart every single plan of brain's without Brain realizing Pinky could be working at cross purposes with him
[01-31 23:04][Fighter]Conan: and BTW, i'm pretty sure the song says 'Their genes can't be spliced'
[01-31 23:04][Fighter]Brainy: they were put through an Acme Gene Splicer and Bread Warmer
[01-31 23:04][Fighter]Brainy: I just saw it in a video
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18:43, Darkday, Denki 14, 173 AD.

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