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[05-22 20:20][Fighter]Zanatos: ut oh they want answers
[05-22 20:21][Fighter]Are: we're good, the rogue did it
[05-22 20:22][Fighter]Zanatos: one of them winked
[05-22 23:12][Fighter]NEWS: Brainy is now level 98.
[05-23 00:49][Fighter]NEWS: Brainy is now level 99.
[05-23 22:11][Fighter]NEWS: Drakuda is now level 62.
[05-23 22:11][Fighter]NEWS: Drakuda is now level 63.
[05-23 22:46][Fighter]Icewolfz: ants any better?
[05-23 22:49][Fighter]Drakuda: Checking now.
[05-23 22:50][Fighter]Drakuda: IT's slightly higher, which is good
[05-23 22:50][Fighter]Icewolfz: probably 20% high on avg for anything that is pure mlee
[05-23 22:52][Fighter]Icewolfz: short of makign them all higher levels there not much else tha tcan be done
[05-23 22:56][Fighter]Drakuda: Yeah, that would be kinda dangerous without making it news
[05-23 22:56][Fighter]Icewolfz: hopfully the redplains will give some new areas to spread it out
[05-23 22:56][Fighter]Icewolfz: worse case is the mud crashes
[05-23 22:56][Fighter]Brainy: no big deal :)
[05-23 22:57][Fighter]Icewolfz: i will just blame kill
[05-23 22:57][Fighter]Brainy: hehe
[05-23 23:00][Fighter]Pinky: what are we going to do tonight brain
[05-23 23:02][Fighter]Brain: why what we do every night, take over the world!
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12:05, Shadowday, Kepki 11, 176 AD.

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