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[03-17 21:32][Fighter]Amazon: ummmmmmm ok Idk what to do w that
[03-17 21:32][Fighter]Zanatos: no
[03-17 21:33][Fighter]Zanatos: I tried to Divorce myself but I am not le to do that
[03-17 21:38][Fighter]Amazon: oohhhh z
[03-17 21:38][Fighter]Amazon: its go time if you're sure
[03-17 21:39][Fighter]Zanatos: yes sure I'll do it
[03-18 19:50][Fighter]NEWS: Amazon is now level 63.
[03-20 20:52][Fighter]Amazon: dayum I'm supposed to wield a staff as jheru?
[03-20 20:53][Fighter]Amazon: oh god I picked the wrong one
[03-20 20:53][Fighter]Amazon: o I have to 'cide or can I switch?
[03-20 20:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: you are axe, flails and blunt
[03-20 20:54][Fighter]Amazon: not staves tho
[03-20 20:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: yeah each hero is a differnt type of weapons
[03-20 20:54][Fighter]Amazon: ok
[03-20 20:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: its not a major issue, heroes just ghive oyu more skills
[03-20 20:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: you cna still use other weapons
[03-20 20:54][Fighter]Icewolfz: just menas you can use some axes faster then other weapons or beable ot wield them in one hand faster
[03-20 20:55][Fighter]Amazon: what skill and stats to wield 2 golden axes bc zapatos is idle of course
[03-22 14:59][Fighter]NEWS: Amazon is now level 64.
[03-24 14:04][Fighter]NEWS: Amazon is now level 65.
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09:16, Shadowday, Kepki 6, 174 AD.

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