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[05-15 20:16][Rogue]NEWS: William is now level 9.
[05-15 20:16][Rogue]NEWS: William is now level 10.
[05-15 20:17][Rogue]Brutus: congrats!
[05-15 20:17][Rogue]William: Thank you.
[05-15 20:18][Rogue]Kalhan: congrats
[05-15 20:18][Rogue]Xytras: now get to writing sonnets! about stealing.
[05-15 20:18][Rogue]William: Indeed... but tomorrow.
[05-15 20:19][Rogue]William: Baby woke up. Doh!
[05-15 20:19][Rogue]Xytras: lol...sorry man
[05-15 20:19][Rogue]William waves.
[05-15 20:19][Rogue]Xytras: later on
[05-22 20:17][Rogue]Kalhan: whee 'nother rogue!
[05-22 20:17][Rogue]Brutus: evening
[05-22 20:17][Rogue]Brutus: what would you like stolen or killed ?
[05-22 20:18][Rogue]Kalhan: nothing just glad to have another sneaksy sort on :)
[05-22 20:18][Rogue]Brutus: lymsleias crossbow is always a good choice
[05-22 20:18][Rogue]Kalhan: heh
[05-22 20:19][Rogue]Brutus: I've also left myself a pile of 300 gems to make into nodachi :)
[05-22 20:19][Rogue]Kalhan: ooooo nodachi!
[05-22 20:19][Rogue]Brutus: so there will be nodachi to sell
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17:44, Flameday, Praxi 18, 176 AD.

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