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[11-29 18:50][Rogue]Stryder: Ah.
[11-29 22:14][Rogue]NEWS: Stone is now level 66.
[11-29 22:14][Rogue]NEWS: Stone is now level 67.
[11-30 15:08][Rogue]NEWS: Shandia has joined the rogues.
[11-30 18:09][Rogue]Stryder: Hello.
[11-30 18:11][Rogue]Stryder: If you need help, just ask.
[11-30 18:12][Rogue]Shandia: stryder?
[11-30 18:14][Rogue]Shandia: just wanted to say thank you
[11-30 18:15][Rogue]Shandia: do I have any special rogue moves yet'
[11-30 18:35][Rogue]Shandia: grr
[11-30 18:45][Rogue]Shandia: umm can I find the guild again somehow
[11-30 18:45][Rogue]Stryder: Where are you now? What do ou see?
[11-30 18:45][Rogue]Shandia: dark alley, 2 thieves pile of trash and hopelessness
[11-30 18:45][Rogue]Stryder: Sorry, I was AFK... making sure my son got a shower.
[11-30 18:46][Rogue]Stryder: Well... that is the slums, south of the guild. But... since you are a newbie... type rescue
[11-30 18:46][Rogue]Stryder: <rescue> is a newbie command to bring you back to the square.
[11-30 18:46][Rogue]Shandia: good on you tho cuz my daughter was a war back in the day, only time she ever got spanked
[11-30 18:47][Rogue]Stryder: Are you at the square?
[11-30 18:48][Rogue]Stryder: From there, it is 9 west, three north, one east, then north. The guild is DOWN from there.
[11-30 18:48][Rogue]Shandia: now I am
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18:17, Darkday, Kortki 9, 172 AD.

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