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[04-02 20:31][Rogue]Stone: I can help you too :
[04-02 20:33][Rogue]Kalhan: hi
[04-02 20:34][Rogue]Chester: Dude! What does mine say?
[04-02 20:37][Rogue]Stone: I have another gift for you.
[04-02 20:37][Rogue]Stone: i'll be around soon.
[04-02 20:37][Rogue]Kalhan: i'm running away from home
[04-02 20:39][Rogue]Kalhan: sneaky!
[04-02 20:40][Rogue]Stone: and it autoloads
[04-02 20:40][Rogue]Kalhan: autoloads?
[04-02 20:40][Rogue]Stone: I've been picking up more than my fair share of them.
[04-02 20:40][Rogue]Stone: doesn't go away when you quit
[04-02 20:40][Rogue]Kalhan: wait what does go away when you quit?
[04-02 20:40][Rogue]Stone: use the inventory command
[04-02 20:40][Rogue]Stone: magic bags go away
[04-02 20:41][Rogue]Kalhan: ah okay
[04-02 20:41][Rogue]Stone: these don't.
[04-02 20:41][Rogue]Stone: should help you a lot with getting loot and selling it
[04-02 20:41][Rogue]Kalhan: haha i picked up a chest XD
[04-02 20:41][Rogue]Stone: everything in the [] can be taken and sold
[04-02 20:41][Rogue]Stone: including everything in the poor box
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13:00, Shadowday, Denki 16, 174 AD.

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