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[07-28 04:23][Rogue]Eradrial: wondering if it would be worthwhile to journeyman in streetwise so I spend less time reapplying debuffs / trying to get them to stick in the first place
[07-28 04:25][Rogue]Eradrial: If they get easier to land reliably and their durations keep scaling though, then it journeymanning into it would lose a lot of value
[07-28 06:40][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 16.
[07-28 06:42][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 17.
[07-28 06:58][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 18.
[07-28 07:36][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 19.
[07-28 07:56][Rogue]Suturb: congrats!
[07-28 08:14][Rogue]William: Congratulations!
[07-28 09:52][Rogue]Eradrial: thanks!
[07-28 09:52][Rogue]William: Of course
[07-28 10:11][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 36.
[07-28 10:12][Rogue]William: Congratulations!
[07-28 10:27][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 37.
[07-28 10:35][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 38.
[07-28 10:42][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 39.
[07-28 10:53][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 40.
[07-28 10:53][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 41.
[07-30 06:03][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now journeymaned in Thug!
[07-30 06:05][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now an Assassin!
[07-30 06:06][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now journeymaned in Acrobat!
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08:48, Vaigday, Altki 5, 177 AD.

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