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[09-11 21:19][Rogue]Eradrial: Xav/Aendra/Gorm has also submitted a bunch, probably less noticeable since he has the three chars to split them between though
[09-11 21:19][Rogue]Eradrial: Good job so far though : )
[09-11 21:19][Rogue]Suturb: lol
[09-11 21:20][Rogue]Suturb: I did like 140 of them when I first got an imm on dev a few years ago
[09-11 21:20][Rogue]Suturb: you've easily put me back up to the test.
[09-11 21:20][Rogue]Suturb: there's 143 open typos right now.
[09-11 21:22][Rogue]Suturb: that said you might want to bring on a level 95 cleric to have fun with crusade :)
[09-11 21:22][Rogue]Suturb: so far, it seems to work rather nicely for Recluse
[09-11 21:23][Rogue]Eradrial: I'm not even close to my own J rank skills, I think I'll get those before I worry about those of other classes
[09-11 21:23][Rogue]Suturb: a lot of your typos are reported in rooms but are for looks for items from other places so its a hassle :)
[09-11 21:23][Rogue]Eradrial: anyways, gotta go now. good luck with the typos!
[09-11 21:23][Rogue]Suturb: well its a sub class thing
[09-13 02:03][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 34.
[09-13 18:38][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 35.
[09-13 21:59][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 68.
[09-13 21:59][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 69.
[09-16 00:40][Rogue]NEWS: Eradrial is now level 36.
[09-16 02:57][Rogue]William: Congratulatons
[09-16 21:56][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 70.
[09-16 21:56][Rogue]NEWS: Suturb is now level 71.
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19:33, Lockday, Altki 12, 178 AD.

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