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[12-31 18:54][RP]Gir is the [puppet] a weak blue aura burns into the body.. then the glow becomes a pulse.
[01-01 03:21][RP]Gir is the [puppet] shivers in fear
[01-01 03:22][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] I did it. Gir kept running around screaming..
[01-01 03:22][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] aye!
[01-01 03:51][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] gir.. get up!
[01-01 03:52][RP]Gir is the [puppet] too sleepy .
[01-01 03:52][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] Weak!!
[01-01 13:36][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] hahahahahahaha Mahahahaha!!hahahaha!
[01-01 13:36][RP]Stabmaster: oooo
[01-01 13:36][RP]Stabmaster: what's the haps?
[01-02 15:55][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] laughs at girs chia pet hair cut
[01-02 15:56][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] go nack & demand your money back. lol oh my stuffing is falling out.. hahahahahahaha
[01-02 15:57][RP]Gir is the [puppet] it was ½ price..
[01-02 15:57][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] no... No no stop your killing me.. you look funnier meat sack!!
[01-02 15:59][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] i need to reward that hair butcherer.. for almost killing me.. lol..
[01-02 15:59][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] hands gir Mirror..
[01-02 15:59][RP]Gir is the [puppet] oh... oh thats bad..
[01-02 16:00][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] Even I know.. lol, more stuffing piles below the stuffed pig
[01-03 18:53][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] Stirs a pot of Zaal's body parts & grits..
[01-03 18:54][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] add some of Gir's blood and!!
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08:59, Lockday, Kepki 17, 209 AD.

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