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[09-24 19:01][RP]Are: you would definately need to make note of it :)
[09-24 19:02][RP]Are: like news: spectral night's armor is now Holyarmored. Mid's beware.
[09-24 19:03][RP]NEWS: clerics now kill you beware ;)
[09-24 19:04][RP]Recluse kills you.
[10-04 00:12][RP]Tao: well if theres active guilds looking for a prospect im down to put n work
[10-04 00:12][RP]Kill: hmmm sounds promising
[10-04 00:16][RP]Tao: well never been one to go 'oh let me join ur guild'. was more hey if i fit with ur guild and u are accepting new members let me know
[10-04 00:17][RP]Kill: when i get internet back i do things right
[10-04 00:17][RP]Nova: most guilds here tend to be reclusive. if you find out about them, and find the right person to ask, you may get to join them
[10-04 00:17][RP]Icewolfz pulls out a pair of hair clippers
[10-04 00:18][RP]Recluse: good luck. i'm usually at a 000
[10-04 00:18][RP]Nova: execpt of course for the yaks. But i haven't seen many of them of late
[10-04 00:18][RP]Recluse: wasn't Yetron the leader of the Yaks for the longest time ?
[10-04 00:19][RP]Icewolfz: yetron was never a yksmen
[10-04 00:19][RP]Kill: he was dw
[10-04 00:19][RP]Icewolfz: think he was dw
[10-04 00:19][RP]Nova: i believe he was a guardian for a bit too
[10-04 00:19][RP]Icewolfz: wel ldw died
[10-04 00:19][RP]Kill: ah maybe
[10-04 00:19][RP]Icewolfz: a lot of them wen to guardians after
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18:48, Darkday, Praxi 19, 177 AD.

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