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[10-08 01:05][RP]Icewolfz: beleave dusk creatd that
[10-08 01:05][RP]Tao: whats up
[10-08 01:05][RP]Are: there's a help fie for 'dude' :)
[10-08 01:06][RP]Are: and its funny.
[10-08 01:06][RP]Tao: oh
[10-08 01:06][RP]Tao: yeah i had read that
[10-08 01:06][RP]Rtmethacton: lol
[10-08 01:06][RP]Tao: when i saw it on the list i was intrigued
[10-09 01:23][RP]Mad trapper goes insane on you!
[10-09 01:24][RP]Mad trapper throws a rapid squeirl in your face!
[10-15 13:53][RP]Ulga likes the taste of elf in the morning.
[10-15 13:54][RP]Are: apparently not ogre, or she'd hit for 7500 :)
[10-15 13:54][RP]Ulga takes a bite out of Are and says: taste just like chicken.
[10-21 13:27][RP]Ulga eats Disaster for breakfast!
[10-26 15:11][RP]Tsfaru: fee fi fo fum! i smell the blood of an elf!
[10-26 15:15][RP]Tsfaru laughs at punny rogue!
[10-26 15:15][RP]Morgan: keep laughing. makes it easier to sneak up on you
[10-26 15:17][RP]Tsfaru mocks the rogue.
[10-31 20:20][RP]Zombie: BRASSINSSS!!
[10-31 20:20][RP]Zombie sniffs brutus then heads at Am.
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04:06, Shadowday, Praxi 6, 179 AD.

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