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[01-04 01:19][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] Burn The World!!! Burn it all!!
[01-04 01:22][RP]Gir is the [puppet] acks
[01-04 23:26][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] Haha I watch Rmp Totally D O M I N A T E D Y O U !! Hhahaha
[01-04 23:27][RP]Gir is the [puppet] yes
[01-04 23:58][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] I did you FOOL!!
[01-05 00:05][RP]Rmp: le]ol
[01-05 00:05][RP]Gir is the [puppet] dang it
[01-05 00:05][RP]Rmp: i wil end \you
[01-05 00:06][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] D O E T!!
[01-05 00:06][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] End Him!!
[01-05 00:06][RP]Gir is the [puppet] ah no..
[01-05 00:07][RP]Rmp: exctly
[01-06 07:11][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] lazy!!
[01-06 12:46][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] tries to unsummom gir
[01-06 14:28][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] peeks out from the green pouch. and starts casting Fireball at everyone!!
[01-06 14:29][RP]Gir is the [puppet] what are you doing?!?!
[01-07 19:10][RP]Asp: the myth the legendary Idiot is here!!
[01-13 23:48][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] despawns his 'Familiar'
[01-16 15:30][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] I thank you
[01-16 15:31][RP]Shirain: That'll do, pig. That'll do.
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08:47, Lockday, Kepki 17, 209 AD.

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