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[01-25 22:23][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] I hear a raptor Talking to me?
[01-25 22:23][RP]Boco: Wark wark!!!
[01-25 22:23][RP]Rmp: Warg?
[01-25 22:23][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] screams!!
[01-25 22:23][RP]Boco scratches strange symbols into the ground.
[01-26 21:38][RP]Rmp: Who would have thought any ogre would need a cursed item to lower their charisma?
[01-27 15:39][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] thats what happen when you don't return to the Barkside!!
[01-28 14:17][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] smacks gir : Gir!!
[02-01 13:16][RP]Shield: time to get my shield cleaned
[02-01 13:17][RP]Zanatos: thats why I sell my Patened Shield wax and Buffer so you canenjoy your reflection whever you go !
[02-14 14:06][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] pricing Isp'ers $75 to $100, Norton lifelock $125 owns my ass, download Daoc cause I missed the free down ( Fuck ) it only cost $12 to $15
[02-14 14:08][RP]Gir is the [puppet] getting to play with strangers that I've been binge watching cause my ADHD is strongly active..
[02-14 14:09][RP]Icewolfz: if looking for an isp there si a program that can cut up to $30 off depending on income
[02-14 14:09][RP]Icewolfz: its a national program most major isp offer it but can be a pia to get the paper work filled out right
[02-14 14:10][RP]Kblood: oh yeah...I remember that
[02-14 14:10][RP]Icewolfz:
[02-14 14:10][RP]Gir is the [puppet] possibly the middle of next month.. hopefully by then I give up on wasting my money & come to my sense, & just live through the Daoc twitch players
[02-14 14:10][RP]Icewolfz: Affordable Connectivity Program
[02-14 14:10][RP]Icewolfz: anyong under 200% poverty level can gte it
[02-14 14:11][RP]Icewolfz: up to $30 disount if you make the cut
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08:20, Lockday, Kepki 17, 209 AD.

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