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[01-16 15:31][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] squeals
[01-21 22:51][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] silly
[01-25 10:49][RP]Gir is the [puppet] sings I'm Bucky... Iiiiiii'm Buuuuucky
[01-25 10:50][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] your stupid.. shut up
[01-25 10:50][RP]Recluse your resident cleric is here for your therepy session.
[01-25 10:51][RP]Gir is the [puppet] oh joy!!
[01-25 10:51][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] It Cost too much you Fool!!
[01-25 10:51][RP]Recluse: How often would you say you talk to yourself in 2 party coversational style?
[01-25 10:52][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] beats the ½Ogre with It's plushy limbs
[01-25 10:52][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] stares
[01-25 10:52][RP]Recluse: Oh dear. I think you might need a specialist.
[01-25 10:52][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] starts to answer
[01-25 10:53][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] Smacks him
[01-25 10:53][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] even
[01-25 10:53][RP]Gir is the [puppet] even more
[01-25 10:54][RP]Gir is the [puppet] going to need more that a specialist
[01-25 10:54][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] nods
[01-25 11:20][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] smacks the ½Oger to stop it from laughing
[01-25 11:22][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] as if I'd harm ♥️you♥️
[01-25 11:25][RP]Gir's [piggy Puppeteer] it has no feelings :)
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08:33, Lockday, Kepki 17, 209 AD.

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