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[10-31 20:20][RP]Zombie: BRASSINSSS!!
[10-31 20:28][RP]Zombie Icewolfz: BRAINNSS!!!
[10-31 20:28][RP]Rtmethacton: brainnnnsssssss
[10-31 22:49][RP]Zombie Am sniffs Soraka then turns to Recluse: brains!
[10-31 23:46][RP]Zombie Brutus moans GOLLLDDD!!!
[12-11 21:45][RP]Xavier: I will kill all who defy me!
[12-11 21:45][RP]Brutus: lol. done.
[12-11 21:45][RP]Kill: oh, ok.
[01-02 19:44][RP]Recluse: i was thinking about the newbie flight potions never wearing off. Should they, and if so, should they possibly cause death from falling ?
[03-16 20:46][RP]Scious: You dont frighten us, Orge pig dogs! Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person! I blow my nose at you, so-called 'Arthur King,' you and all your silly Orge K-n-i-g-g-i-t-s.
[04-20 20:30][RP]Am: This might mean either Nova or I will die fighting a dragon tonight.
[04-27 11:43][RP]Arbach eats the bones of Bastid!
[04-27 11:44][RP]Bastid: Arbach can try :D
[04-27 11:49][RP]Arbach gets a powerboost!
[04-27 11:49][RP]Bastid: sounds like Icey, yup. :)
[05-01 13:53][RP]Starfox sighs. 'Laden: Launching Code 1673B743E1F225 Activate: Losen,' he says, as a Magic Cannon of Magical Doom pops out of his arm and points it at Rogre. 'Yes, it's true, I'm a weapon! And a clone! Muahahaha!'
[05-01 13:55][RP]Rogre gets evaporated!
[05-01 13:55][RP]Rogre slowly begins to coalesce into Rogre 2.0!
[05-01 13:56][RP]Rogre 2.0 is now online. Destroying all pop tarts and related toaster pastries.
[05-01 14:11][RP]Starfox: Hehs.
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03:14, Lockday, Denki 17, 179 AD.

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