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[06-16 20:33][Chat]Starfox flies in on his Icecatz.
[06-16 21:36][Chat]Morgan: network issues?
[06-16 22:05][Chat]Midnight needs to hire a smelter/forger. Anyone up for the job?
[06-16 22:05][Chat]Rasputin: I could do some
[06-16 22:05][Chat]Midnight: Wooo!
[06-17 16:11][Chat]Nova: starfox, you awake?
[06-17 16:16][Chat]Starfox: Eh? Yeah
[06-17 16:16][Chat]Nova: i just talked Why into giving you your bag back
[06-17 16:16][Chat]Starfox thanks Nova.
[06-17 16:16][Chat]Starfox thanks Why.
[06-17 16:16][Chat]Starfox wipes his brow in relief.
[06-17 16:17][Chat]Why: glad to help
[06-17 16:17][Chat]Starfox: I will try not to do that again for as long as I live.
[06-17 16:17][Chat]Nova: you're welcome
[06-17 16:17][Chat]Nova: if you secure bag, it won't happen
[06-17 16:18][Chat]Starfox needs to make a trigger to do that as soon as he logs in.
[06-17 16:18][Chat]Starfox actually, maybe a few seconds after, since the game auto-equips my crap, and it counts that as actions per heartbeat.
[06-17 16:19][Chat]Nova: actually, I'm being told that may not help after all
[06-17 16:20][Chat]Starfox: ....
[06-17 16:21][Chat]Icewolfz: help loginscript
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14:38, Flameday, Aenterki 18, 169 AD.

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