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[01-21 18:30][Chat]Tebryn: does the chest ever have items in it? blink once for yes, twice for just money~
[01-21 18:30][Chat]Brutus: RT's % explored is super high.
[01-21 18:30][Chat]Tebryn: I thought I was doing pretty good with 86% >_>
[01-21 18:31][Chat]Brutus: you are.
[01-21 18:32][Chat]Brutus: its higher than I am. I probably missed some markers by a room or something due to not always hitting every room in every area, so that's my fault.
[01-21 18:33][Chat]Brutus: I don't think there's any chests in the game that always only give money.
[01-21 18:33][Chat]Tebryn: that scious chest is some serious change XD
[01-21 18:33][Chat]Tebryn: 60k that pop
[01-21 18:33][Chat]Brutus: Morgreals is 30
[01-21 18:33][Chat]Tebryn: i have killed 0 morgreals
[01-21 18:33][Chat]Tebryn: i must have missed some rooms :o
[01-21 18:34][Chat]Brutus: and with the 18k usually on morgreal
[01-21 18:34][Chat]Brutus: nearly as much
[01-21 18:34][Chat]Brutus: you figure out how to get to Xavier without lockpick ?
[01-21 18:35][Chat]Kill: Tebby!
[01-21 18:35][Chat]Tebryn: Kill!
[01-21 18:35][Chat]Kill: sup with ya, Artist? :)
[01-21 18:35][Chat]Brutus: tada!
[01-21 18:35][Chat]Hiryuu: hey kill
[01-21 18:35][Chat]Tebryn: Not much, just checking out the new stuff, hadn't mudded in forever!
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00:49, Lockday, Sartki 12, 166 AD.

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