Monument ShadowMUD


[02-20 07:46][Chat]Rtmethacton: hoi
[02-20 07:46][Chat]Brainy: how goes it?
[02-20 07:46][Chat]Rtmethacton: god
[02-20 07:46][Chat]Rtmethacton: you been urfin it up?
[02-20 07:46][Chat]Rtmethacton: *good
[02-20 07:46][Chat]Brainy: lil bit
[02-20 07:47][Chat]Rtmethacton: wanna?
[02-20 07:47][Chat]Brainy: you up for urf now? :)
[02-20 07:47][Chat]Brainy: lol, guess I can pop on for a bit
[02-20 07:47][Chat]Rtmethacton: kk
[02-20 07:48][Chat]Rtmethacton: my discord :P
[02-20 16:45][Chat]Amazon: hihihi
[02-20 16:45][Chat]Icewolfz: baked
[02-20 16:45][Chat]Rtmethacton: who?
[02-20 16:45][Chat]Amazon: whats the address and port so I can use cmud plz
[02-20 16:46][Chat]Icewolfz: port 1030
[02-20 16:46][Chat]Icewolfz: its listed on the main page
[02-20 16:46][Chat]Amazon: ty iceyz
[02-20 16:48][Chat]Amazon: thanks Ic!
[02-20 16:48][Chat]The wonder woman theme plays in the background.
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18:33, Darkday, Denki 14, 173 AD.

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