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[12-08 19:22][Chat]Amazon: bold cyan djinn works for me for now
[12-08 19:30][Chat]Amazon: gofundme, palias, ship fund plz, its christmas
[12-08 19:30][Chat]Suddenly all of your bank accounts are empty
[12-08 19:30][Chat]Palias acks.
[12-08 19:31][Chat]Amazon suddenly kicks the ass of one named Grinch. Beheaded!
[12-08 19:31][Chat]Amazon: lets staple antlers to a mouse
[12-08 19:32][Chat]A green down wit ha single antler tied to his head yelps
[12-08 19:32][Chat]Amazon: oh I almost hit one yesterday when I could still drive my car.. I mightve got it
[12-08 19:33][Chat]Amazon: theres animals out in NY that should be hibernating, like skunks and squirrels
[12-08 19:34][Chat]Morhe Palias take all the money wit you
[12-08 19:34][Chat]Palias: I don't have enough to get the one I want as of yet. so going to go reduce the goblin population on this continent.
[12-08 19:35][Chat]Amazon: see? See how he is.. he is the real deal
[12-08 19:36][Chat]Morhe The Guardian's thank you for your service.
[12-08 19:37][Chat]Amazon: yaks would have your back rn though
[12-08 19:39][Chat]Morhe hey
[12-08 19:39][Chat]Amazon: yes babe
[12-08 19:55][Chat]Morhe hits his head on a lightpost.
[12-08 19:55][Chat]Morhe no!
[12-08 20:04][Chat]Morhe 10pm EST
[12-08 20:04][Chat]Amazon: so what
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18:15, Darkday, Kortki 9, 172 AD.

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