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[10-15 00:20][Chat]Icewolfz: any issues bug them
[10-15 00:20][Chat]Drakuda: ok thank you
[10-15 17:55][Chat]Mumen rides the white light...
[10-15 17:55][Chat]Music fills the line, 'Fly like an eagle into the dragons open mouth...'
[10-15 17:58][Chat]Suturb: lol
[10-15 18:32][Chat]Mumen Rider greets the Plague Rider.
[10-15 18:33][Chat]Sea king kils Mumen!
[10-15 18:33][Chat]Zanatos: greetings
[10-15 18:45][Chat]Suturb: nice to see peeps on.
[10-15 18:46][Chat]Zanatos: those things are Gross...Just saying
[10-15 18:47][Chat]Suturb: lol
[10-15 18:47][Chat]Suturb: yes, yes they are. but they are fun to watch in the microwave.
[10-15 18:48][Chat]Zanatos: I can't stand Candy Korn either
[10-15 18:49][Chat]Zanatos: its like baby food
[10-15 18:50][Chat]Suturb:
[10-15 18:52][Chat]Zanatos: man I dunno if I want my Peep touching another just aint right
[10-15 18:52][Chat]Mumen: peep...jousting.
[10-15 18:52][Chat]Suturb: lol
[10-15 18:52][Chat]Mumen looks at Suturb with slightly less respect.
[10-15 18:52][Chat]Zanatos: oh my
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19:20, Lockday, Altki 12, 178 AD.

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