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[06-17 16:40][Chat]Rasputin: ones that often kill the attacker for trying.
[06-17 16:41][Chat]Starfox was just told by the DHS that skin can't be paid, and that Blasputin doesn't have a choice. Have fun with forced, unpaid labor. :P
[06-17 16:41][Chat]Rasputin: i'm nearly there with my job now, except the blast shield part
[06-17 16:42][Chat]Starfox has the job of sleeping, it pays well. :P
[06-17 17:01][Chat]Starfox buys Rasputin a 'work twice as hard for ten years to get out of jail free' card.
[06-17 17:21][Chat]Starfox smells like musk.
[06-17 17:22][Chat]Rasputin: dinner time.
[06-17 17:22][Chat]Starfox smells like Dinah time.
[06-17 20:45][Chat]Kieron guards ready thier weapons!
[06-17 20:45][Chat]Zanatos: the Zig Zag Z is back...
[06-17 20:46][Chat]Zanatos grins.
[06-17 20:46][Chat]Enter: Zany!!
[06-17 20:46][Chat]Zanatos: Hello Brother Ent!
[06-17 20:46][Chat]Kieron guards prepare for blood in the water
[06-17 20:47][Chat]Kieron guards kill Enter by mistake
[06-17 20:47][Chat]Enter: noooo!
[06-17 20:52][Chat]Zanatos: anyone else Lag ?
[06-17 22:50][Chat]Enter: icey!!!!
[06-17 22:50][Chat]Icewolfz: what did you break?
[06-17 22:50][Chat]Enter: cmere please
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14:03, Flameday, Aenterki 18, 169 AD.

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