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[02-20 23:55][Chat]Brainy: bah
[02-20 23:55][Chat]Icewolfz got a lot of complaints so had to lower it
[02-21 03:35][Chat]Brainy: anyone awake?
[02-21 09:07][Chat]Marianna: anyone heal poison from afar?
[02-21 09:41][Chat]Brainy: poison can't be, only hp
[02-21 09:41][Chat]Marianna: ok thanks
[02-21 09:42][Chat]Marianna: i thnk im good now
[02-21 09:42][Chat]Brainy: but it eventually wears off.
[02-21 09:42][Chat]Marianna: yup it did
[02-21 09:42][Chat]Brainy: good :)
[02-21 09:42][Chat]Marianna: what is all on oz
[02-21 09:42][Chat]Marianna: ive killed everything i think
[02-21 09:42][Chat]Marianna: elephants look
[02-21 09:43][Chat]Brainy: flying monkeys, hammerheads, stone giants, kraken, Nocturus
[02-21 09:43][Chat]Marianna: where is kraken and noc
[02-21 09:43][Chat]Marianna: i didnt find them
[02-21 09:43][Chat]Brainy: Kraken in river, Noc underground, need map
[02-21 09:43][Chat]Marianna: ok
[02-21 09:44][Chat]Marianna: they will both probably kill me
[02-21 09:45][Chat]Brainy: you can whack a kraken crazy easy
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00:14, Vaigday, Denki 15, 173 AD.

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