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[08-20 07:38][Chat]Rasputin: lol
[08-20 07:38][Chat]Tyre: Stay in the back line I say!
[08-20 07:39][Chat]Rasputin: I was bored so I upped my kill count from 220 to 276 but now I'm bored with that.
[08-20 07:39][Chat]Tyre doesn't remember what he got up to back in the day.
[08-20 07:39][Chat]Rasputin: i know Recluse has over 450, but I'm not feeling like pariah today
[08-20 07:40][Chat]Tyre: Is Pariah the pvp island?
[08-20 07:40][Chat]Rasputin: you mill pk ? no.
[08-20 07:40][Chat]Rasputin: err mean pk ?
[08-20 07:40][Chat]Tyre: Oh, wasn't sure if that island was still around.
[08-20 07:40][Chat]Rasputin: pk is not in game due to lack of logs
[08-20 07:41][Chat]Tyre: Ah
[08-20 07:41][Chat]Tyre had only been there rarely on his rogue.
[08-20 07:41][Chat]Rasputin: so eventually I think the plan is to put 'a' player kill area back but not pk island.
[08-20 07:41][Chat]Tyre nods.
[08-20 07:41][Chat]Rasputin: on the other hand, the main land area of red plains is pretty much done thanks to Icey
[08-20 07:42][Chat]Tyre: Indeed
[08-20 07:42][Chat]Rasputin: now its a matter of monsters, items, fun things and how much of any city/fort other areas to put in before or after opening it.
[08-20 07:42][Chat]Rasputin: be warned. Its really big, but only about 1/10th of what it was.
[08-20 07:43][Chat]Rasputin: it already seems way too empty, so the old size was just not going to work.
[08-20 07:43][Chat]Rasputin: tundra is like 1000 rooms, this is over 4000.
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09:10, Lockday, Kortki 7, 170 AD.

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