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[06-17 16:25][Chat]Starfox also wonders why they didn't rename the DHS to SHIELD already. :P
[06-17 16:25][Chat]Nova: national reconnaissance office
[06-17 16:25][Chat]Rasputin: I was close
[06-17 16:26][Chat]Nova: they have, they just didn't tell anyone yet
[06-17 16:27][Chat]Starfox: Supah Helicopters In Eggs Like Ducks. SHIELD
[06-17 16:27][Chat]Rasputin: I call bull.
[06-17 16:28][Chat]Starfox: err...Supahdupah Helicoptors In Eggs Like Ducks?
[06-17 16:28][Chat]Rasputin: they'd have found a way to make sessions die from natural causes by now if it did exist.
[06-17 16:29][Chat]Nova: what makes you think they haven't
[06-17 16:29][Chat]Rasputin chuckles.
[06-17 16:29][Chat]Rasputin: because its too hard to find anyone that much like archie bunker in 2018.
[06-17 16:31][Chat]Rasputin: you know, to secretly replace the old one.
[06-17 16:32][Chat]Starfox uses Rasputin to replace the old one.
[06-17 16:32][Chat]Rasputin My HAIR!
[06-17 16:33][Chat]Starfox lays Rasputin out and uses his skin to make a blast shield.
[06-17 16:39][Chat]Starfox: Blasputin? No? Shame.
[06-17 16:39][Chat]Rasputin: nope. I work for a living.
[06-17 16:39][Chat]Rasputin: those others would be ashamed to work an honest days' work, its below them.
[06-17 16:39][Chat]Starfox: You get paid to be a blast shield, though. Because you get blasted.
[06-17 16:40][Chat]Rasputin: I have better characters to use for blast shields.
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14:39, Flameday, Aenterki 18, 169 AD.

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