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[06-21 18:38][Chat]Icewolfz: to show differnt terrain or featuers in a room
[06-21 18:39][Chat]Icewolfz: like training/stores/fishing etc...
[06-21 18:39][Chat]Modal: So did you ever balance out the starting stats for races?
[06-21 18:39][Chat]Icewolfz: probbaly never going ot get it right no matter how much i try
[06-21 18:39][Chat]Modal: One thing that bugged me since the day I started. Ogres started with less stat points than all other races. :)
[06-21 18:39][Chat]Icewolfz: stats are mor flexible then precrash
[06-21 18:39][Chat]Icewolfz: kill has created a ton of characters os knows mor ethe ni do about stats by now
[06-21 18:40][Chat]Modal: The whole stat system looks different so probably not the same issue it used to be.
[06-21 18:40][Chat]Modal: So what was the big crash?
[06-21 18:40][Chat]Icewolfz: you basically adjust yourstarting stats
[06-21 18:40][Chat]Icewolfz: then you get cap pts every level
[06-21 18:40][Chat]Icewolfz: to spent and change your cap
[06-21 18:40][Chat]Icewolfz: then you raise your stats up
[06-21 18:41][Chat]Icewolfz: so even if low $s you can spent cpa pts and relaly chang them to how you like
[06-21 18:41][Chat]Icewolfz: help stats
[06-21 18:41][Chat]Icewolfz: explains some of it
[06-21 18:42][Chat]Modal: I'll have a lot to catch up on.
[06-21 18:44][Chat]Icewolfz: overall stat system is far more flexible
[06-21 18:44][Chat]Icewolfz: no mor eevery 10 levels etc...
[06-21 18:44][Chat]Icewolfz: and cost is no longer tied ot leveling
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18:01, Flameday, Praxi 18, 176 AD.

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