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[07-14 01:05][Chat]Rtmethacton: oz, edelmoed, and tundra, right?
[07-14 01:05][Chat]Rtmethacton: and now red plains, but i couldnt go over that one
[07-14 01:05][Chat]Icewolfz: red plains doesnt have one like others
[07-14 01:05][Chat]Icewolfz: 4 existed before red plains
[07-14 01:05][Chat]Rtmethacton: whats the 4th? o.o
[07-14 01:05][Chat]Icewolfz: explore
[07-14 01:05][Chat]Icewolfz: grantd maybe its more a slide then a water fall
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Icewolfz: cant rmember
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Rtmethacton: are you talking about under the bath house in kieron?
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Icewolfz: nope
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Icewolfz: thats a fall
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Rtmethacton: the evil temple and everythin?
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Rtmethacton: but theres a slide there too
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Rtmethacton: iz fun
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Icewolfz: differnt one
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Rtmethacton: ah kk
[07-14 01:06][Chat]Icewolfz: the 4th is either waterfall or work like them
[07-14 01:07][Chat]Icewolfz: which is why i group them all
[07-14 01:07][Chat]Icewolfz: kill may know where it is but i wont say
[07-14 01:07][Chat]Icewolfz: you found moose forest?
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15:15, Darkday, Praxi 4, 183 AD.

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