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[08-15 16:10][Chat]Stryder: Congratulations!
[08-15 16:10][Chat]Drazzi: Thanks...I'm taking it all in...stryde.
[08-15 16:10][Chat]Drazzi punnishes you!
[08-15 16:10][Chat]Stryder: HA!
[08-15 22:36][Chat]Am: apparently the [] is no longer a no kill zone
[08-15 22:55][Chat]Rasputin: thats unfortunate
[08-15 22:55][Chat]Zaal cackles.
[08-15 22:55][Chat]Zaal: come into my parlor
[08-15 22:55][Chat]Rasputin: unlikely She'll come back before morning.
[08-15 22:56][Chat]Rasputin: i'm told Drazzi is a follower of yours. check your blindside.
[08-15 22:56][Chat]Drazzi follows Phaedrus like a civilized lizard.
[08-15 22:56][Chat]Rasputin: aww
[08-15 22:57][Chat]Rasputin: well, train your necro on the path to kragg
[08-15 22:57][Chat]Drazzi: he -is- the local deity to lizardman village.
[08-16 01:18][Chat]Icewolfz: winnie the pooh offed drazzi ;)
[08-16 01:18][Chat]Drazzi: bad Pooh!
[08-16 01:20][Chat]Icewolfz: i hsould create a tundra monster that steals gear
[08-16 01:21][Chat]Drazzi: I'll just wander around, maybve die down to 1 :)
[08-16 01:23][Chat]A random trapper: i found lizard skin!
[08-16 01:23][Chat]Drazzi: can find my foot too :)
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03:01, Shadowday, Kepki 16, 170 AD.

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