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[01-21 18:35][Chat]Kill: Hiryuu, Big Papa!
[01-21 18:35][Chat]Kill: Brutti Tutti!
[01-21 18:36][Chat]Kill: I no, rite?
[01-21 18:36][Chat]Brutus: i've been on all day. How's it going?
[01-21 18:36][Chat]Kill: not bad, life's all right :)
[01-21 18:37][Chat]Kill: got a super cheap headset from target. It's performing like a super cheap headset...from target. :/
[01-21 18:37][Chat]Tebryn: you in disco?
[01-21 18:37][Chat]Brutus: first time I've grabbed more than 10million xp in a day in forever.
[01-21 18:37][Chat]Kill: I wanted to be able to talk on discord from my desktop
[01-21 18:37][Chat]Kill: and or skype
[01-21 18:39][Chat]Tebryn: add anybody you want to Teb's disco
[01-21 18:39][Chat]Tebryn: we can make it a mud disco XD
[01-21 18:47][Chat]Kill: woo!
[01-21 18:48][Chat]Tebryn: ah cool mirror effect on look
[01-21 18:54][Chat]Kill: Cortana can hear me now but no one else lokl
[01-21 18:54][Chat]Kill turns into a hermit talking to inanimate objects
[01-21 19:03][Chat]Kill gives up for now.
[01-21 19:39][Chat]Tebryn: dammit! third for unique kills @_@
[01-21 19:39][Chat]Icewolfz: happens
[01-21 19:39][Chat]Tebryn: kills hard to stay ahead of. or even get ahead of...
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00:47, Lockday, Sartki 12, 166 AD.

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