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[10-24 00:24][Chat]Nova: its to bad we can't use xp to train skipping. i've got 10mil with nowhere to go
[10-24 00:26][Chat]Tao: thatd be cool
[10-24 00:27][Chat]Tao: damn how hard is fyrian
[10-24 00:29][Chat]Nova: very
[10-24 00:29][Chat]Tao: i see
[10-24 00:31][Chat]Tao: Yarrr! damn 'n' i aint get nothin' from that
[10-24 00:32][Chat]Tao: hmm a little hard with no buffs
[10-24 00:33][Chat]Nova: oh yeah, I'm out adventuring, so mheal may not be available
[10-24 00:33][Chat]Tao: Yarrr! sorry about that
[10-24 00:33][Chat]Tao: Yarrr! i think i hit a double enter on one o' those, but i made it
[10-24 00:35][Chat]Tao: Arr! thank ya tho nova u were helpful, if not fer tha mheals, i would have died since i had no buffs
[10-24 00:35][Chat]Nova: that means you shouldn't have been fighting whatever you were fighting
[10-24 00:36][Chat]Tao: again i went with no buffs, 'n' i sometimes push my limits
[10-24 00:36][Chat]Nova: if one of those mheals had failed, or i had gotten in a fight, you'd be picking up you corpse about now
[10-24 00:37][Chat]Tao: well when i go into a situation like that i try t' have a stone handy just incase
[10-24 00:37][Chat]Tao: Arr! if i drop below a certian point i usually smash 'n' hope fer tha best
[10-24 00:38][Chat]Tao: unless my pc is laggin'
[10-24 00:38][Chat]Tao: Arr! but with buffs it might be easier
[10-24 00:40][Chat]Tao: Arr! he was almost 300k xp too
[10-24 00:42][Chat]Tao: Yarrr! hmm odd
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11:20, Vaigday, Altki 5, 165 AD.

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