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[06-19 18:45][Chat]Valhal: alright...I gotta go...I'm going to check this mobile version out more though.
[06-19 18:45][Chat]Valhal: see ya
[06-19 18:45][Chat]Icewolfz: have fun
[06-19 21:29][Chat]Icewolfz: remidns me ifixed the lizards in the sout hpass
[06-19 21:29][Chat]Icewolfz: thier acid works correctly now
[06-19 22:27][Chat]Am: what is the best flail in the game ?
[06-19 22:28][Chat]Icewolfz: depends
[06-19 22:28][Chat]Am: shit diapers for old people does not count.
[06-19 23:16][Chat]Icewolfz: ok bug with alloy color codes has been fixed
[06-19 23:16][Chat]Icewolfz: any alloys that had issues with colors before can not be fixed
[06-19 23:16][Chat]Icewolfz: but anything new should pick up the colo rcode fix
[06-19 23:16][Chat]Icewolfz: was not correctly saving the color code
[06-19 23:17][Chat]Icewolfz: so i fixed that and added a small bit of code to regenrate codes on loading of data files
[06-19 23:17][Chat]Icewolfz: and then saves the change so it wont rerun again
[06-19 23:17][Chat]Icewolfz: should fix the color issues
[06-19 23:17][Chat]Am: thanks! heading to sleep
[06-20 16:45][Chat]Icewolfz: be back i na ltitle window updates
[06-20 21:12][Chat]Am: without trying random luck of weapon type
[06-20 21:12][Chat]Am: oops misline
[06-20 21:39][Chat]Am: found my next riding lawnmower.
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18:16, Flameday, Praxi 18, 176 AD.

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