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[10-15 23:54][Chat]Boco thinks it's ok as is.
[10-15 23:54][Chat]Icewolfz: figured you all play and fight noc a lot so i get some input and see what people think
[10-15 23:55][Chat]Nova: I'm fine with it the way it is, but if you change it, I'd go with the drop get reset idea
[10-15 23:55][Chat]Icewolfz has been debating it before and never desided
[10-15 23:55][Chat]Icewolfz: i figued while i remebred again and you all not idle i would get some input
[10-15 23:56][Chat]Icewolfz: as i have see people hate/like the dusting
[10-15 23:56][Chat]Icewolfz: it has its pros and cons
[10-15 23:56][Chat]Icewolfz: eg pro you die/keeps idlers from hoarding the map etc..
[10-15 23:56][Chat]Icewolfz: con active player shave to reget get it every 4 or so hrs
[10-15 23:57][Chat]Icewolfz: and wiht repop times it oculd take up to 20 mins after dust ot reget it
[10-15 23:57][Chat]Icewolfz: another option is i can force repop after dust
[10-15 23:57][Chat]Icewolfz: to avoid the timing issues then it jus ta matterof regetting
[10-15 23:59][Chat]Icewolfz: one other otions is posisble of 2 maps existing at once with some overlap maybe
[10-16 00:07][Chat]Nova: how about the timer reset one, but with a shorter timer, and a warning message before it goes?
[10-16 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: another option is a an idle check
[10-16 00:07][Chat]Nova: that works too
[10-16 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: maybe if under 10 mins give an hr
[10-16 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: so as long as your 'active' you never lose the map
[10-16 00:07][Chat]Boco likes the idle check idea.
[10-16 00:08][Chat]Icewolfz: granted means i have to crack down on scripting when it comes to combating noc
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01:26, Flameday, Kortki 13, 171 AD.

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