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[10-12 20:43][Chat]Icewolfz: but thats more on the browser and how htye handle it
[10-12 20:43][Chat]Icewolfz: overall mobile client is probably as good as it will get due to limit screen space
[10-12 20:43][Chat]Icewolfz: i debated on a mapper overlay of some type but it was more trouble then it was worth and made text hard to read
[10-12 20:44][Chat]Suturb: you could insist on sd external storage and block off a gb for it..but you'd need a damned fast btree or something search to grab just like a 3x3 or 4x4 limited grid, akin to the old ascii map data.
[10-12 20:44][Chat]Icewolfz: no access to native
[10-12 20:44][Chat]Icewolfz: evreyting has ot be done with brwoser and so no way to even touch native file systems
[10-12 20:44][Chat]Icewolfz: so again its out of my hand with mobile client unless i attempt to code native stuff and thats more trouble then it is worth
[10-12 20:45][Chat]Icewolfz: so sd storage means nothing to web
[10-12 20:45][Chat]Suturb: you'd have whatever the browswer was set to save to I think.
[10-12 20:45][Chat]Icewolfz: yeah asid thats browser and out of my control
[10-12 20:46][Chat]Suturb: which I always set to external but thats not defalt.
[10-12 20:46][Chat]Icewolfz: most i ca ndo is use web interface and the browser does hwat it does
[10-12 20:46][Chat]Icewolfz: overall mapper probbaly would be to crowed i think for a mobile interface outside of a tablet
[10-12 20:47][Chat]Icewolfz: overal i think i have agood balance between simple interface and featuers
[10-12 20:47][Chat]Suturb: like in jimud - I overlay the map in the scroll when i'm on one display, like my laptop.
[10-12 20:47][Chat]Icewolfz: overall buttons are the most important featuer for mobile
[10-12 20:47][Chat]Icewolfz: well jimud is an enttire differnt thing
[10-12 20:47][Chat]Suturb: when I'm on desktop, yeah, I use that 1920x1080 to my adv. :)
[10-12 20:47][Chat]Icewolfz: more limited with web
[10-12 20:47][Chat]Icewolfz: even more so with mobile
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18:36, Lockday, Altki 12, 178 AD.

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