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[08-16 19:50][Chat]Icewolfz: granted red plains has some new stuff
[08-16 19:50][Chat]Icewolfz: i still need to make more
[08-16 19:50][Chat]Icewolfz: but i have been sidetracked
[08-16 19:52][Chat]Icewolfz: ok next reboot if in middle of combat it hsould no longer lose xp/skills trained
[08-16 19:52][Chat]Rtmethacton: okii
[08-16 19:52][Chat]Icewolfz: the bug only happened if in middle of combat
[08-16 19:53][Chat]Icewolfz: when reboot happened
[08-16 19:53][Chat]Icewolfz: youd basicly lose anything that was gained before last save
[08-16 19:53][Chat]Icewolfz: and save is every 5 mins i think
[08-16 19:53][Chat]Icewolfz: unless you manually type save
[08-16 20:02][Chat]Suturb: updates, brb
[08-16 20:09][Chat]Zanatos: Hello mud Family
[08-16 20:09][Chat]Suturb: heya
[08-17 12:54][Chat]Suturb: some nicer stuff in the poor ox
[08-17 12:54][Chat]Suturb: err box
[08-17 13:42][Chat]Suturb: minor nitpik - dark hilt trains knife but doesn't have that id
[08-17 13:43][Chat]Icewolfz: has knife as n id
[08-17 13:43][Chat]Icewolfz: unless its a differnt hilt
[08-17 14:02][Chat]Suturb: ok that makes sense as its not a knife until you wield it. the emote could be more descriptive that way, as i just figured it out from what skill it was training.
[08-17 14:03][Chat]Icewolfz: well its a magical weapon
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08:43, Vaigday, Altki 5, 177 AD.

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