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[01-21 15:29][Chat]Hiryuu: ah ok
[01-21 15:29][Chat]Icewolfz: to offset him being harder and the redesign of the terasure hoard
[01-21 15:30][Chat]Hiryuu: gotcha
[01-21 15:30][Chat]Icewolfz: overall you get around the same chance of not better chanc eof items
[01-21 15:50][Chat]Brutus: I think its greatly improved since you can camp it to a set in 8 hours now. before, it could take days to get it all.
[01-21 17:01][Chat]Brutus: its been a long slog today just to get back to 0 xp
[01-21 17:01][Chat]Brutus: spent 12 million this morning.
[01-21 17:01][Chat]Hiryuu: on what
[01-21 17:02][Chat]Brutus: stats
[01-21 17:02][Chat]Brutus: 2 dex in the 80s were over half of it
[01-21 17:02][Chat]Hiryuu: ahh
[01-21 17:03][Chat]Hiryuu: almost there my dex is at 70
[01-21 17:04][Chat]Brutus: yeah its painful
[01-21 17:05][Chat]Hiryuu: i figure about 70 mil for the last 22 i need
[01-21 17:24][Chat]Brutus: good evening!
[01-21 18:01][Chat]Tebryn: Howdily doodily
[01-21 18:01][Chat]Hiryuu: good evening tebryn
[01-21 18:09][Chat]Tebryn: Bah. I was hoping Kragg would be alive :p
[01-21 18:13][Chat]Hiryuu: damn back to one handed mudding
[01-21 18:14][Chat]Brutus: macros with F keys work great for that. then use the 10 key, change 0 to survey and 5 to kill monster
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00:48, Lockday, Sartki 12, 166 AD.

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