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[04-17 23:55][Chat]Icewolfz: hoping fully they will last til ican save up some cash to by a cheap replacemnet
[04-17 23:55][Chat]Icewolfz: anwyas i am out to try and get the pc fixed
[04-17 23:55][Chat]Kitten: i hope so
[04-17 23:55][Chat]Kitten: good luck
[04-17 23:55][Chat]Icewolfz: or maybe at least get the main screen using vga
[04-17 23:56][Chat]Icewolfz: while important ot fix the data drive its not100% since ihave a backup
[04-17 23:56][Chat]Kitten: yeah
[04-17 23:56][Chat]Kitten: backups are good
[04-17 23:56][Chat]Icewolfz: still wierd as well that the vid is not picking up and the drive as well
[04-17 23:56][Chat]Icewolfz: yeah i was like fuck a i was going ot do backups this wekeend
[04-17 23:57][Chat]Icewolfz: going ot do some more quick backups now ot the one drive iti s picking up
[04-17 23:57][Chat]Icewolfz: anwyas i doubt i will be back tonight
[04-17 23:57][Chat]Icewolfz: i may pop on and off skype while reseting as it auto loads
[04-17 23:58][Chat]Kitten: well try to get some sleep too
[04-17 23:58][Chat]Icewolfz: if all goes well i may pop on
[04-17 23:58][Chat]Icewolfz will probbaly go to sleep eariler as bad storms are suppose ot come in too
[04-17 23:59][Chat]Kitten: sounds like the storms might be a blessing
[04-17 23:59][Chat]Icewolfz: doubt full popwer went out yesteday or the daybefore
[04-18 00:00][Chat]Icewolfz: powerouts tend ot always cause me issus even when the pc is off it seems
[04-18 00:00][Chat]Kitten: ah unplug it?
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12:49, Shadowday, Denki 16, 174 AD.

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