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[05-22 20:08][Chat]Homer: d'oh!
[05-22 20:09][Chat]Zanatos: who wants to arm wrestle my Pinky toe
[05-22 20:09][Chat]Kalhan: brainy you know you love the dragon rain :P
[05-22 20:09][Chat]Solas bites off Zanatos' pinky.
[05-22 20:09][Chat]Kalhan: umm zany your pinky has arms?
[05-22 20:10][Chat]Zanatos: no :P
[05-22 20:10][Chat]Kalhan: dunno how it could arm wrestle then... care to explain? :P
[05-22 20:10][Chat]Zanatos: but its as strong as my arms
[05-22 20:11][Chat]Drakuda: It's Toey and the Brain, Toey and the Brain....dooop doop de deeep
[05-22 20:11][Chat]Zanatos: My Pinky toe has 60 Strength P
[05-22 20:11][Chat]Drakuda: One looks like the finger, the others kinda insane.....
[05-22 20:11][Chat]Toe yells HANG NAIL!
[05-22 20:11][Chat]Drakuda: Yeah, fix dat stuff befo you wrestly, yo.
[05-22 20:11][Chat]Toe yells CORN!
[05-22 20:11][Chat]Zanatos: yo ya Heard dat
[05-22 20:12][Chat]Zanatos: hahahahaha
[05-22 20:12][Chat]Zanatos: awww I dare I
[05-22 20:13][Chat]Zanatos: Bad Dwarfie
[05-22 20:13][Chat]Mark Summers: double dare!
[05-22 20:13][Chat]Kalhan giggles at Drakuda
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03:27, Lockday, Kortki 7, 175 AD.

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