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[10-09 12:17][Chat]Icewolfz: i dot mind chaning something if it sucks or trying to come up with a comprise or fix if it makes sense
[10-09 12:18][Chat]Icewolfz: granted i do typo a lot ;)
[10-09 12:18][Chat]Icewolfz: but i have gotten better at typos
[10-09 12:41][Chat]Hemjold: bbl nice chatting with ya
[10-09 13:45][Chat]Icewolfz kicks windows
[10-09 13:46][Chat]Icewolfz: remove bad drive and restart and windows hangs trying to login as data drive is trying to run somethign
[10-09 13:47][Chat]Icewolfz: finnlay got into save move and checked the drive says errors yet no erorrs, but i was able ot rename folders to error out auto run programs log into windows finanly and no issues it seems
[10-09 13:47][Chat]Icewolfz: someting from the backupdrive must have cuased a hang somewhere least i am in now
[10-09 13:48][Chat]Icewolfz: granted now i am anoyed and just going ot relax for a little and try adn access the backup drive later when it is cooler out
[10-09 13:48][Chat]Icewolfz: hd seem to hate me
[10-09 13:49][Chat]Icewolfz: granted with how my week si currenrtly its par for corse
[10-09 18:49][Chat]Icewolfz: hmm blizzard in hot water over banning someone due to them supproing hong kong protest
[10-09 18:49][Chat]Icewolfz: comcast charged 2000+ people over due to a bug in billing osftware
[10-09 21:00][Chat]Icewolfz: mumen rider go!
[10-09 21:05][Chat]Mumen renames him E.P. - The Extra proctologist.
[10-09 21:05][Chat]E.T.: probe home!
[10-09 21:06][Chat]Mumen: well played. :)
[10-10 11:28][Chat]Music fills the line, 'Bicycle bicycle bicycle. I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my bike. I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride it where I like'
[10-10 11:28][Chat]Mumen rides hard on the yard!
[10-10 12:37][Chat]Icewolfz: you left your bicycle out
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00:23, Flameday, Altki 13, 178 AD.

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