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[10-24 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: cant save teh state of code
[10-24 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: it is a limitation of the mud itself
[10-24 00:07][Chat]Tao: Yarrr! ah
[10-24 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: baslcy ptions are a function
[10-24 00:07][Chat]Tao: ok
[10-24 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: that is store din emory
[10-24 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: to be 'Executed'
[10-24 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: cant save code
[10-24 00:07][Chat]Icewolfz: its one of hte limtations
[10-24 00:07][Chat]Tao: Arr! no i got u
[10-24 00:08][Chat]Icewolfz: basically i can sav eevryting but code and objects in objects
[10-24 00:08][Chat]Icewolfz: saving obejcts requires a lot of stuff stuff
[10-24 00:08][Chat]Icewolfz: so that is possble wth some hoops
[10-24 00:08][Chat]Icewolfz: but code jus tcant do saddly
[10-24 00:08][Chat]Tao: Arr! well i could see some imaginitive was t' do it but yeah would probably t' complex
[10-24 00:08][Chat]Icewolfz: rason why food and drinks cat be saved
[10-24 00:08][Chat]Tao: Yarrr! ah
[10-24 00:09][Chat]Icewolfz: unless they are hard coded custom stuff
[10-24 00:09][Chat]Tao: makes sense
[10-24 00:10][Chat]Icewolfz: whats makes crafting harder to create
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11:18, Vaigday, Altki 5, 165 AD.

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