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[06-14 15:13][Chat]Kill: onoez!
[06-14 15:13][Chat]Kill blames Icey.
[06-14 15:14][Chat]Morgan: The Sky is Falling!
[06-14 15:14][Chat]Kill runs around like a chicken with his head cut off.
[06-14 15:14][Chat]Morgan runs around looking for Kill's head
[06-14 15:18][Chat]Kill: it's around here somewhere!
[06-14 15:18][Chat]Icewolfz: what she said
[06-14 15:23][Chat]Icewolfz: kil lddi it
[06-14 15:24][Chat]Kill: Shenanigans!
[06-14 16:18][Chat]Bastid: Hey Icey?
[06-14 16:18][Chat]Bastid: Egwene no work good
[06-14 16:58][Chat]Jet: Damn
[06-14 16:58][Chat]Jet: And I just saw the chap..
[06-14 16:59][Chat]Jet: What got ya? Yg?
[06-14 17:18][Chat]Icewolfz: ygdrok
[06-14 17:41][Chat]Bastid: Icey?
[06-14 17:55][Chat]Icewolfz: what did oyu break?
[06-14 17:56][Chat]Bastid: Egwene says she'll enchant all but that heifer didn't enchant nothing!
[06-14 17:56][Chat]Icewolfz: could be you wher alreayd magiced?
[06-14 18:36][Chat]Icewolfz: the magic shop npc enchant all works
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14:36, Flameday, Aenterki 18, 169 AD.

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