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[01-21 18:15][Chat]Hiryuu: i have my numpad set up
[01-21 18:24][Chat]Tebryn: woohoo, 4 new kills :D
[01-21 18:25][Chat]Brutus: hmm.
[01-21 18:25][Chat]Hiryuu: nice whatd u get
[01-21 18:25][Chat]Tebryn: um, some of these new mobs in the new pariah mansion
[01-21 18:25][Chat]Tebryn: got some instruments off the band too.
[01-21 18:25][Chat]Brutus: be careful :)
[01-21 18:26][Chat]Hiryuu: ahh i still need to go there
[01-21 18:26][Chat]Brutus: there's things there that make antonia's seem tame.
[01-21 18:26][Chat]Tebryn: antonia is pretty tame. i've tamed her!
[01-21 18:26][Chat]Tebryn: how do they stack up vs ulga for fyrian? XD
[01-21 18:27][Chat]Tebryn: or*
[01-21 18:27][Chat]Brutus: have probably less levels and such, but better armor, weapons and fighting abilities
[01-21 18:27][Chat]Brutus: be careful on the 2nd floor
[01-21 18:28][Chat]Tebryn: careful of who? :o
[01-21 18:28][Chat]Brutus: I helped code it, so I won't be specific. Ask Nova or Kill.
[01-21 18:28][Chat]Tebryn: scious? t'nal?
[01-21 18:29][Chat]Tebryn: oo, null huh haven't seen that name in a minute.
[01-21 18:30][Chat]Tebryn: waita... mummy?
[01-21 18:30][Chat]Brutus: yes.
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00:48, Lockday, Sartki 12, 166 AD.

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