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Elemental prayer ideas

by Caidox

Message 23 on The Cleric's Board

Same deal with a bit more fire and ice ) Flashfire - Explosions of fire rock the room doing high levels of aoe damage and a chance to blind all enemies in the room. Cauterize - Another along the ideas of 'heals' for other classes. Elemental priests would be able to cauterize a wound, dealing a small amount of damage but stopping all bleeding. Chainlightning - A lightning bolt that would strike everything in the room, but would do damage based on how many enemies are inthe room instead of static, so if it did 10k dmg, 3 enemies would equal 3333 damage a piece, 5 enemies = 2k a piece. Gives you an option when you go into a room with only 3 mobs, we know we sometimes dont like casting full blown aoes in these rooms as its a waste of mp. Also add a small chance of enemies dropping their weapons(from their bodies locking up) Tempest - Prolly a rank L aoe prayer, where all kinds of storms break out in the room. Overload - finisher. You get 1 of three random messages. Death from frost, fire, or electrity. If implemented I have a few ideas for the messages and would email them. more fun when you see them for the first time in use instead of on a board. Stormstrike - Now I bounced around on this one, Could be a high level single target damage, but yawwwnnn boring. So can we do weaponstrikes that raise our skills. Maybe this would be a weaponstrike that would raise our Elemental skill. Could also have a secondary effect when you happen to melee some poor sap. Thats ele for now.

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06:32, Darkday, Denki 9, 179 AD.

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